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Should I go on NCS? watch

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    So basically, I have already booked my place for NCS, with a cost of £50, and am due to start it on the 9th August.
    NCS (if you are unaware) is a four week thing, with two sets of 5 day trips. The first is an activity residential week, the second is a university residential visit. The last two weeks consist of project work in your area.
    I have a few concerns about the whole thing:
    1. I have no interest in the project work.
    2. It is taking the last stint of my summer before a levels start away from me
    3. There is a girl (lets call her marmalade) I'm going with who betrayed me and therefore I cannot get along with her at all.
    4. I have a boyfriend and he isn't going so I won't be able to see him much, if at all during the weeks.
    5. I dont have much interest in any of the activities.
    6. My most important concern is that I have a major wee issue, like i cannot wee in public places, so with sharing a toilet with 10 other people, I am terrified that I will have a major issue and I have experienced the immense stomach pains during a sleepover before. I really don't want to be ill.
    My parents have said the money spent is not an issue, but I'm just scared that if I don't go, I'll regret it when I see all the photos of my friends and how much fun they are bound to have. My idea to fix this was to make sure I had as much fun as possible, but I dont have many ideas for this.
    My best friend (lets say she's called double chocolate chip brownie) is going and I would love to spend time with her, and at the moment its the only reason I may want to go. Also she's going to a different school so I may to see her as much soon.
    Thanks in advance.

    ask yourself what would you rather be doing? maybe it won't look as good on your CV but at least you'll enjoy it

    UCAS suggests it as a recommendation for your personal statement
    I'm going this Wednesday, without my friends... I don't know anyone :rofl:

    It's your decision

    Hey, first of all the name double chocolate chip brownie sounds YUMMY!!!!!!

    i personally think you should go, the project work will look good for uni applications,
    when levels begin it will be filled with lots of hard work so you want to get the most out of your holidays before its too late. also you can't let marmalade ruin your life, assuming she goes to the same sixth form as you, you can't let her stop you from living your life!!! I'm sure your boyfriend would be okay with you having some time with your friends, you could even recommend that he spends more time with his friends. as for the activities, it will be a chance for you to try something new. if you never have a go you will never know. you might love a particular activity. i read online that relaxation techniques can help you pee. maybe you could practise at home, by trying techniques and putting yourself in unusual situations, like having a family member wait outside the bathroom for you. you could see if the techniques work.

    i think it will be a lot of fun. lots of people have said it was good and it will look good for uni! xx
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