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Newcastle Freshers Week Guide

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when do we have to arrive at the university for the fresher's week?> is it the 9th? or the 13th? does anyone know?
Students on campus at the University of Newcastle
Newcastle University
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The 9th September. You register for your course on the 13th.
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Enjoy. Freshers was a blast at Newcastle. :biggrin:
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Fresher's week at Newcastle is a rip off. 40 quid and you dont do any activities coz ur too fucked from the night before. Does get you into clubs for free though, so it's allright I suppose. I'm an orange t shirt this year, so cant wait. You'll see what we are when you get here. Freshers wekk is fucking mental though.

Remember: When you're stuck down quayside at two in morning and dont know way home, just walk up hill, you'll soon find the way.
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If you get in the queues early enough in the morning (bout 9am *shudders*) you can definately get your money's worth out of the ticket, I managed - though the majority of ppl were complaining the best thing they got from their 40 quid was a free burger. The best way to get on the trips is to hang around where the buses are leaving from and blag your way on when ppl don't show up that had their name down on the list, - that way you get to have more of a lie-in and avoid the queues. Failing that, befriend an orange shirt freshers guide (one of the 2nd or 3rd years) and beg!
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What she means by befriend is... sleep with!
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Well... there are other ways... but thats likely to be the most successful! It depends how desperate you are to go paintballing!
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lol. Put my name dowwn for paintballing, but tehn couldn't be arsed to get out of bed.
Funniest thing I saw in frsher's week was that green t shirt shagging the orange t shirt on the zebra crossing outside sea. Everyone inside banging on the windows laughing at them, tehn two coppers came.

Very funny!
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trouttrout i'm doing freshers too, have you heard anything from them yet? i got an email ages ago but think i must have deleted it.
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the week they organise up here is great, one of my best times i've had at uni!
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Aint heard anything but, I know it starts on the 9th, probably ahve to go down union on the 8th. Wenesday that is!
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cheers for that.

what's your name mate, you going into your second year?
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Am a green t-shirt this year, was orange last year! Greens have to be there on Mon 6th, think Oranges have to be there on Tues 7th/Wed 8th, can't remember!

Freshers week is f*ckin blast, from what I remember of it! Can't wait... saving up major money for that week... spent £300 last year! eek!
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cheers for that.

what's your name mate, you going into your second year?

Yeah going into second year. What about you? What you studying?

IN reply to green t shirt. must havehad a fucking well good week if you spent £300.
hope I dont spend that as an orange this year, I want the fucking first years to buy me drinks!
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The training starts on Mon 6th, so all supervisors/senior stewards have to be there then, not too sure about crew/stewards (whatever they're called this year).

Thursday will be arrivals day and Fri is the official start. Don't forget about the staff party on the Tuesday or Wednesday tho!

I've spent over £500 during Freshers' Week :biggrin:

I'm a royal blue hoodie :biggrin::biggrin:
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I'm a orange tshirt this year too!! did you have to do anything silly in your interview? I had to do proclaim my undying love to one of the organisers. I can't wait! xx
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Jesus wept...

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Jesus wept...


Please explain :confused:
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Please explain :confused:

I think she's being prudish. Perhaps a night of championship chess is more up her street.

- Adam