Student Finance, UK 5 Year Residency Information Form

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    Hello There,

    I'm a mature european student( living and working in London since 10/2010 ).
    I have been asked to send to Student Finance England a UK 5 Year Residency Form and to enclosed a proof of 5 years residency from 11/2011 to 11/2016.
    Types of evidences can be:

    Council Tax ( as I rent a room in this address, all bills are included )

    Letter from your local council or housing association( The only letter I got is from Electoral Enrolment)

    Utility bills - Gas, electric, phone or water( as I rent a room in this address, all bills are included )

    Tax Return ( BINGO! I asked my accountant to provide me my Tax Return from 2011 to 2016. I sent to Student Finance and they said that wasn't original papers).

    I paid £198.00 to a registred accountant company for these documents and they said that was't originals?

    So, they asked me to send another proof of Residency like those mentioned above or a
    Original Bank Statement( During this time I have change from different banks twice and I had like a online bank statement. As I don't have access anymore, these banks want to charge ££££££ for my past statements)

    I my point of view they must accept my Tax Return as proof of evidence. Also, as they know my Passport Number, National Insurance, and UTR Number, they are totally capable to see where I've been all these years, and furthermore its not fair to expend more money on old bank statements if they already have a £198.00 worthing documents.

    Does anyone know what should I do or where can I find a Legal advice to help me in this matter?

    Kind Regards,


    Do you have P60s from the last 5 years?
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    Do you have P60s from the last 5 years?
    No, I've been working as a self employed

    Hi Veronese

    If your tax return is not hand written and shows your name and address, we should be able to accept these.

    I would advise you to call and and the adviser can check if this has been accepted and if not why. The assessors will usually note the accounts.

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Updated: August 9, 2016
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