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    * I know this isn't currently a 'news or current affair' but didn't know where else to put it.*

    Do you ever find yourself on the weird side of YouTube, when you're bored? Well I came across this crazy vegan youtuber, who believes that meat eaters are commiting the ultimate sin, and campaigns for Youtubers to consider becoming vegan. I only watched one video, concerning Zoella (who unfortunately we all know about).

    And whilst I feel this woman is going about it in the wrong way, and was trying to start a hate campaign against the girl, I can't help but feel she has a point.

    If we love animals, and treat our dogs like they're babies, why can't we afford just a small proportion of that consideration to the animals we eat?

    We all know about the cruel conditions chickens and pigs face when intensively farmed. If you don't, google it, it's horrendous. But yet such a small % of pet owners eat ethically raised meat or are veggies?

    I personally think that trying to force veganism and even vegetarianism down people's necks only works for a small % of people. Most of us love meat, I'm a struggling vegetarian and I miss meat on a daily basis more or less. So I think rather than focussing on stopping people from eating meat altogether, a better alternative is to:-

    A. Encourage people to reduce their meat consumption.
    B. Encourage people to buy only ethically raised meat.

    I feel like the notion of reducing meat consumption to say two meals a week, will speak to a lot more families and individuals than the prospect of cutting meat altogether. I feel that many people consider the prospect of completely cutting meat from their diet too extreme, and so they tend to ignore the issue altogether, to avoid feelings of guilt.
    Whereas, if they were encouraged to at least half their meat intake, but still treat themselves to it, they might commit themselves to that more.

    I also feel that if people buy less meat, they can afford the slightly higher cost of free range/ free roaming meat. Vegetarian meals are cheaper, saving you money, therefore when you have a treat meat meal, you can afford to pay for meat from animals that were not subject to cruel conditions their entire lives.

    Obviously there's an essence of cruelty in the killing of the animal. But I feel that trying to turn the entire population veggie is an impossible goal that many veggies and vegans relentlessly peruse. Why do people have to exist on two ends of the spectrum?

    I believe that if people were encouraged to at least half their meat intake, that this would have a larger impact than encouraging people to stop eating meat altogether. In terms of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and our human health.

    I think meat needs to be much more expensive.

    They serve us crap as the supermarket, just look at the regular chickens and you see ammonia burns all over them. They have been forced to grow to fast, their legs couldn't carry their weight and this means they were always in contact with the floor which is covered in **** ergo the burns

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    Yes I do where possible

    Meat is sourced form a local butcher who sources from local abattoir who sources from a local farm

    Local farm is always willing to show people round so they can see the standards the animals are kept in (I've brought whole pigs from them before and even got to go and choose the pig! but always get to choose he birds we have for Christmas) He keeps free range chickens and we buy the eggs direct

    Rabbits I will kill myself from local farmers fields (Yes I have always got permission). I am also lucky to get game from friends who do hunt larger animals

    I always try to eat at restaurants who source food locally over chains who don't

    I don't eat any meat that has been religiously slaughtered.

    So while we are carnivorous we do have a duty of care to ensure we try our hardest when it comes to animal welfare
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