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    Hey!! I'm doing a summer project for uni and I'm really stuck for ideas

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    Interconnectivity? Online communication? Travel advances? Social 'tribes' that may come together not because they live near each other but for some other reason? DNA (the surprising multitude of backgrounds most people have when they get a DNA analysis). Changing geography (it was in the news recently that Germany has gained a bit of land as the river marking the border has changed its course over time). Humans overcoming geographical boundaries like mountains etc to find ways to communicate and trade with other peoples (might have to do some historical research for that, I remember seeing a documentary once about a small village in China building amazing tunnels by hand over decades to create a trade route). Language - the travel of language and integration of new words and dialects as people communicated and travelled. Good luck! (I've got a project for my course too (fine art print) and am struggling haha! Time is ticking :nooo:).

    I did my foundation FMP on personal territories (I called it Familiar Territory) and tried to create an alternative map as I felt road maps were not capturing the richness of an area - everyone's memories and experiences of the place. Certain buildings and landmarks that held a significance, anecdotes, etc. I ended up visiting what I deemed my 'old territories'. Places I've lived or walked through regularly at some point in the past, but that I no longer visit (walks from old homes to old schools, walks to the midwife appointments from a bedsit I lived in when I was pregnant, walks to the Job centre to sign on etc). These places, in my brain, were still very much my territory, so I went back and explored them again to see if the places had changed, what feelings would be evoked etc. I repeated the routes from A to B, writing and taking photographs along the way. I made a book that was half text, half photography, and that was my 'map' of my own territory, and people could make geographical sense of where I'd walked as the text was a real time narration of the route as I walked through it, commenting on the place, as well as including other associations and memories of me being there in the past. The photos also helped people get a sense of the different districts of the town I'd lived in - the colours, textures, types of housing etc. You could possibly try and get other people to take you to places they feel are their 'territory' and photograph them and the places, possibly with text or video of them talking about the place and what it means to them. Hopefully you would get a variety of places from everyone.
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