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Starting uni in September this year so will be applying for student finance real soon. But recently my parents have split up and will be selling the house and moving out separately just after i start uni. What do i put for my student finance details?! as soon as i go to uni will i have to change them as the incomes and family member i will be living with will completely change from what it is now?
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At a guess, I would say put down what the situation is now, and then when it changes, contact Student Finance and tell them. After all, if it changed the other way during the year I'm sure they would want you to tell them, and people's circumstances must change all the time without them having prior knowledge. You never know, your parents may not be able to sell the house, or they may change their minds, or anything could happen, you can't risk it by pre-empting them.

But the sensible answer would be to ring Student Finance and confirm this with them.

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