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    Hi guys,
    I'm a second year student doing biology at the moment. In my 3rd year I'd really like to apply for the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP). I'm trying hard to get research experience/work experience in a lab, but one of my professors recently told me that he doesn't know anyone who has obtained a place on this course without having a higher degree (PhD or MSc). He recommended that I do a masters before applying. However, I understand that you get a masters qualification as part of the STP.
    So my question is this: Is it totally stupid to apply for the STP with just a BSc? Has anyone gone down this route and been successful/got any knowledge of this? What can I do/read/get involved in to strengthen my application?
    My ambition is to be an embryologist, and you can't go into this career without doing the STP.
    I'd love to hear your stories!

    I remember applying for this a few years ago and while the entry requirements are just a BSc you're up against people with MScs and PhDs so you will be better off doing the MSc first. You can only try though so apply for both and see where you get.

    Hello, I got on without an MSc, and I know of a handful of others who have as well. I almost didn't apply because like you I thought it would be too competitive and I wouldn't get on with just a BSc. In the end I did apply (and put a lot of work into my application), and I got in. Granted there is probably a bit less competition for my specialism (Medical Physics) than some of the ones which have fewer places, but I would still suggest you apply, you have nothing to lose. Continue trying to get research/work experience in the meantime.


    I'm a biomedical science graduate with a 1st and have completed my registration portfolio so have been working in a NHS lab as a biomedical scientist for half a year. What would be my chances of applying to the the STP (Immunology)? I was a MLA for half a year too in the immunology lab. Do you think I should get a masters or PhD first or do I stand a chance as I have lab experience? Advice would be much aprreciated guys.
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