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An alright laptop for uni watch

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    So everyone I know has a Mac book ready to use at uni and I'm like over here with a HP (something) laptop.

    I'm not really into computers and stuff and prefer to hand write my notes.

    Does it really matter what laptop you have at uni ?!

    Should I invest in a new one ?'

    What programs do you need for uni?! (God I sound so silly 😂😂😂)
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    You could ultimately get away without a laptop if you wanted to. Universities always have computers that are free to use, which should be loaded with any and all software you'll require. So when you need to write essays and do research you can simply use University computers.

    Laptops aren't essential but they are nice to have. Having a laptop means you can do your work wherever you want. If you end up living far away from the University it's more practical than travelling in to use computers. You can study in your room, in common rooms and libraries, solo or with friends and so on. There's a practicality aspect to owning a laptop that while not essential just makes your life more efficient. If you find yourself having to deal with parts of your application online (for example manually paying rent via a web portal) then having a laptop makes that sort of stuff easier. You aren't fumbling with your phone and don't need to leave the building.

    If you decide you do want a laptop there's a few things we need to know. What sort of budget do you have? What model HP do you currently have? (as it will probably suffice) And what do you aim to be using the laptop for?

    It's safe to say you aren't going to be doing an IT course and it sounds unlikely you'll be doing some sort of technical course where you need specialised software. So I'm going to assume you'll need to write essays and browse the web (social media, research, etc.) So really all you need is a word processor (Microsoft Office Word, Apache OpenOffice, etc.) and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) Even the most basic laptops will usually be fine for word processing and light web browsing so what exact you upgrade to doesn't matter an awful lot.

    I certainly wouldn't recommend a Macbook, they're a waste of money if you don't make good use of them, not to mention you can get similar build quality and higher specs elsewhere for similar prices if you really wanted high end. But unless you desperately wanted to fit in with an expensive laptop I don't see the point. A £300 entry level machine will probably be fine and your current HP may well be fine as it is.

    I've also been looking around for a laptop like this. My friend recently got an Acer Aspire E14, and it seems to be holding up pretty well. It's about £320 on the acer uk store right now. What do you guys think of it?

    (Original post by HadeNewell)
    I've also been looking around for a laptop like this. My friend recently got an Acer Aspire E14, and it seems to be holding up pretty well. It's about £320 on the acer uk store right now. What do you guys think of it?
    I'm facing exactly the same choice and right now there are two options I'm considering -



    You get more storage but it's not an SSD. Ram and HDD can be accessed.


    Generation behind but could be a fairly solid machine.

    Maybe someone else has an opinion on them as well. I'm still looking myself for around this price point.

    I'm doing a programming course (or one with a lot of programming in it) and this will just be a second machine for work between lectures as I travel in and back. Buying right now it seems like there are some good deals.

    I wouldn't suggest a Mac. Overpriced whatever you're looking for the machine to do.
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