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Can someone tell the questions that were asked in 2016 AS exam in biology and in chemistry
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

You can also find the Exam Thread list for A-levels here and GCSE here. :dumbells:

Just quoting in Fox Corner so she can move the thread if needed
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2016 AS/A2 Results Day Thread

days to go

Having received my A2 results last year, I thought I'd make this thread (again). Below are some useful links (and people) to answer any questions you may have. If you think of something that might be useful, let me know. Good Luck!
  • Are you AS or A2?
  • What subjects are you taking?
  • To which university are you hoping to go?
  • To study which subject?
  • If applicable, what were your AS grades?
  • What grades are required for your desired degree?
  • What grades are you predicted?
  • How did your exams go?
  • How are you feeling about results day?
  • Anything else to add?
[Credit to @PQ]


Have mark schemes been released?
Some mark schemes may be available. Edexcel mark schemes can be found below.

When do grade boundaries get released?
There is no exact time for when grade boundaries are released. However, they are often released a day or so before results.

When can I collect my results from school/college?
That depends on the arrangements your school/college make - if you don't know the time then ring them up on Wednesday the 17th (there should be someone in that day) and ask.

How do I collect my results online?
Again, this depends on your exam boards and/or your school/college. If you don't know then ask them directly.

When do unis get our results?
UCAS get the results from the exam boards approximately a week before results day. They spend a day or two matching them to your applications and then send them on to universities either overnight Friday or Saturday. Universities then spend Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday MANUALLY comparing every offer to the results to decide whether applicants have met their offers or not (and if not whether they can be accepted with lower grades).

Track on Results Day

When will Track update?
Track will go live between 6am and 8am on results day. UCAS are saying 8am - it might go live earlier. It WON'T go live at midnight. At that point EVERYONE will be able to see any decisions that their universities have sent to UCAS.Just because it's live doesn't mean it will update for everyone. About 100,000 people the year before last didn't get a clear answer from Track first thing on Results Day - they had to collect their results and then ring up their firm/insurance unit.

My Track didn't change - is it worth hitting refresh until it does?
NO - once Track goes live again it then gets re-frozen in that state (because UCAS need to handle everyone and their dog hitting refresh constantly). Track WILL NOT CHANGE between 6am and midday. Hitting refresh just slows things down for everyone else. Give yourself some good karma - get off Track and go and buy the Telegraph(just in case), get together your contact numbers for your unis, top your phone up with credit (and charge it) and get ready to collect your results from School.

My Track didn't change! That means I failed!
NO - Universities have to MANUALLY compare every set of results with the offer conditions - even if it's a simple YES or NO for every one of those that means a lot of data input to put in to their database to send through to UCAS.If Track hasn't changed then that means that either:
a) You've met your offer and your uni knows that and hasn't got round to telling UCAS.
b) You've met your offer and your uni doesn't know that because your results got muddled up so they're waiting to talk to you to check before telling UCAS.
c) You've missed your offer but your uni wants you anyway but hasn't got round to telling UCAS.
d) You've imssed your offer but your uni want to make you an offer for a similar but less full course and haven't got round to telling UCAS.
e) You've missed your offer and your uni haven't decided yet whether they can take you or not - they might need to see how many Insurance people they have to take before they know they've got room first.
f) You've missed your offer and your firm uni doesn't want you but hasn't got round to telling UCAS.In other words - if Track hasn't changed that doesn't give ANY indication as to whether your results are good or bad. In fact in some ways it's good - of those applicants who got a definite answer on results day last year...?....some of them got a definite rejection. Being in limbo for a couple of hours is a GOOD thing compared to that.

My Firm place has confirmed me! That means I passed my A levels!
NO - remember - these things are decided MANUALLY....someone somewhere sits down with a pile of UCAS forms and a list of results and ticks off results against offers. If your firm has confirmed you - well done! You're in! BUT don't go into School/College expecting to see a long line of A grades. Just as a lot of unis can be slow in sending decisions to UCAS, some unis are VERY quick and will not only confirm the people who met their offers but will have confirmed a whole BUNCH of people who missed their grades.


Click here

Guides to Results Day

Click here (Overall Guide)
Click here (Guide to Track)
Click here (UCAS)

Results Day Flowchart
[credit to @PQ]

Click here


Click here

Performance Analysis

Click here

Marking Timeline

Click here

Exam Papers & Mark Schemes

Click here (AQA) [Please note that mark schemes will not be available prior to results day.]
[Credit to @Absent Agent]

Click here or here (Edexcel)

*Well, they were helpful last year.
somewhere in here if the links dont work check out the first page of the AS/Alevel Results Day thread

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