Poll: Should this amendment be passed into the Guidance Document?
As many are of the opinion, Aye (10)
On the contrary, No (25)
Abstain (9)
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VA149 – New Guidance Document Amendment
Proposed by: Nigel Farage MEP (UKIP)
Seconded by: hazzer1998 MP (UKIP), TheDefiniteArticle MP (Soc), tyroncs MP (UKIP), Unown Uzer MP (UKIP)

Guidance Document

General Elections

(1) The formal duration of an election will be 21 Days.
Day- The Prime Minister holds the authority to announce his/her intention to seek a dissolution on a particular date; as long as parliament does not expire in between.
Day 0 – Election is called by the Prime Minister or the speaker if parliament has expired. A wash up period of seven days remains in place but no new 'threads' will be submitted to the speaker. The Speaker will inform parties to submit their manifestos;
Day 7 – All manifestos should have been received by the speaker who shall admit manifestos subject to manifestos meeting the criteria in the Constitution. The Speaker formally declares the previous parliament dissolved and shall remove all MP's from the Division Lobby Forum. The Speaker will post a thread containing ALL manifestos in the MHoC sub-forum and add a secret poll for 7 days with an option for each candidate/party and an option for “Spoilt Ballot.”
Day 14 – Results of the election are declared by the Speaker who will then inform party leaders they have seven days to form any coalitions
Day 21 – The coalition is formed in accordance with the Constitution. The speaker formally declares parliament open and announces details of parliament's expiration date.


(1) The duration of an election shall be 14 days.
Day 0 – Election is announced by The Speaker. The Speaker will inform interested parties to submit their manifestos.
Day 3 – All manifestos should have been received by the Speaker. The Speaker shall post the manifestos in a thread in the MHoC forum, add a secret four-day poll with the option of Spoilt Ballot, and send a message out to MPs informing them of the vote.
Day 7 – The election closes and seats are assigned.

Speakership Elections

Day 0 – Returning officer announces the election and asks for manifestos to be submitted to them.
Day 4 – Returning officer will post the candidates who wish to run in the election for speaker along with manifestos. Candidates for the position are questioned by MPs and members of the House of Commons
Day 7 – The returning officer will open a secret poll (for MPs only in the Division Lobby) with the candidates’ names and the option for Re-Open Nominations.
Day 11 – Poll closes. If a candidate has gained more than 50% of the vote, they are elected. If not, the two candidates with the most votes, plus ties, are put into a second three-day ballot with no R.O.N. option. If at any point during the run-off vote a candidate withdraws the run-off is re-ran between the remaining candidate and the next highest placed candidate on the first ballot excluding the candidate who has withdrawn. The run-off may be re-ran a maximum of three times. In the event there is no next placed candidate from the first round the remaining candidate undergoes a Speakership Confirmation motion procedure lasting three days. If three run-offs all result in withdrawals the candidate left undergoes a Speakership Confirmation motion.
Day 15 to day 19 - If a runoff election was needed, results of the election are announced and the candidate with the most votes is elected.
Day 22 - If a Speakership Confirmation Motion was called the results are announced.
(1) The candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected as the new Speaker.
(2) In the event there is a draw, all candidates will be outlined to the administration team and they will pick the next Speaker.
(3) In the event no Speaker is elected due to Re-Open Nominations being elected a new election process will begin.
(4) Speaker manifestos must be no more than 300 words on why they should be Speaker and what they plan to do with the house.
(5) In the event there is a draw to be Deputy Speaker, the Speaker shall make the decision on who the Deputy shall be.

Bills, Motions, and Petitions Procedure

(1) When an item has been submitted it will be listed in the Hansard, and marked with the date the bill will go up for discussion.
(2) Each item will be assigned a number, this number will continue from reading to voting, a bill under discussion will be denoted a Bxx, a bill at voting will be Vxx, a motion will be Mxx, and an amendment will be Axx.
(3) Each item can undergo a maximum of 3 readings:
(a) First Reading – Two days minimum, six days maximum (with an additional 48-hour extension if requested)
(b) Second Reading – One-day minimum, four days maximum (with an additional 24-hour extension if requested)
(c) Third reading – One-day minimum, Three days’ maximum
(4) After a reading, the item is put into cessation for up to 7 days unless the proposer has asked for it to go to a new reading or to division.
(5) At any point during an item's discussion the submitter can ask for a 7-day cessation period.
(6) An item can be withdrawn at any point.
(7) Each bill going to vote will have the question “Should this bill be passed into law?” each amendment going to vote should have the question “Should this amendment be passed into the Constitution, or Guidance Document?” each motion going to vote will have the question “Do you agree with this motion?” each petition going to vote will have the question “Do you support this petition?" and each Statement of Intent going to vote will have the question “Should this statement of intent be approved?”
(8) Voting on bills, amendments, motions and petitions should have the following three options:
(a) As many as are of that opinion, Aye
(b) On the contrary, No
(c) Abstain
(9) Voting should always last for 4 days. All MPs are entitled to one vote, and may change their vote by asking the Speaker.
(10) Voting on bills, motion, treaties, petitions and statements of intent should be made public.
(11) Voting on Amendments should remain secret.


(1) A thread will be posted in Current Affairs along with a poll posing the question to the members of TSR.
(2) All TSR members with more than 100 posts and three months’ experience may vote.
(3) Referendums will pass if more votes are cast in favour than against (excluding abstentions), but a bill or motion may stipulate a higher percentage.
(4) Voting at a referendum will last four days.


(1) An MoNC will automatically start a 3-day discussion where both sides get to argue their points; the Speaker will start a thread and post the reasons for the motion of no confidence being called.
(2) After the 3-day discussion a 4-day poll will be opened in the Division Lobby that all MPs can have a vote on. The poll will be a private poll only showing the results when it has ended.

This amendment makes many changes;

to the Guidance Document

1. Shorten procedure for by-elections to 7 days from 14 days
2. Remove requirement for seconders for amendments.
3. Numbers all match up to give the Guidance Document coherency.
4. The process for bills, motions, and petition was all similar before but it has now been merged with the differences being written in one clause, this allows the repetitive clauses to be removed for each option. The same thing was done for elections, and MoNCs in the Government, speaker, and Deputy Speaker.
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Nay. We have seen lots of occasions where the GD needs more detail than it has currently, let alone this.
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There are no need for seconders.. it'll help spark debate
Jammy Duel
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No, this should be done in multiple pieces, not all at once
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(Original post by Jammy Duel)
No, this should be done in multiple pieces, not all at once
For once, I agree with you, wholesale change is a bad idea.
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Report 4 years ago
Given this result is not at all close I will not be asking the CT to verify the result.

Ayes to the right: 10
Noes to the left: 25
Abstentions: 9

The Noes have it! The Noes have it! Unlock!

Turnout: 88%
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