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    I need help. Although a lot of odd things have happened to me I've never thought about posting before but I am just so fed up. Tell me if you have the same experience or its just little weird me.

    I recently start work where I have been there for about 3 months.

    The first few days at work, I got close to an older girl and she would tell me stuff like i'm so pretty blah blah blah and because I thought she was nice, I started opening up personal, harmless stuff about me such as me never having a boyfriend at 19. She would give me advice about work and not trusting people and stuff so I thought she was nice.

    The next day, she came at work and she started acting weird and avoidant. So I just brush it off.

    Now we're not close anymore so whatever and I got close to someone else instead. Now I think she must've told everyone about it cause they were asking me and pretending as if they've never heard about it when it seems so obvious. Note: this people at work are a lot older than me, they're in mid- to late 20s.

    I'm usually a socially awkward person so this added up to the issue i'm about to talk about.

    So a few guys at work I think likes me and you know it by their actions. I don't know why but I hate it when guys starts to like me so I would avoid it.

    They now assume i'm not into guys because of that and the fact that I have never had a boyfriend. Also, they say that I am so innocent and stuff. I think this also added up to the issue.

    Now they would do things because they assume I am a lesbian. I get really affected by this because I hate it when people misunderstand me and it just annoys me so much. I've been through a lot of misunderstandings so I always try to fix things up but this situation, I have no idea what to do.

    So continuing, we're mostly girls at work so one time they assumed that I liked this girl because I asked them where she was and also just because of some odd actions I have done before which comes with being socially awkward. The next few days, they would make her come into our team although she wasn't in our team then they would look at me weirdly. I knew what they were assuming so this annoyed me so much. I tried avoiding her because I don't want them to misunderstand and it just made things worse.

    After a few days, they saw that nothing happened and she didn't come to our team anymore. Then one time, we were talking about something and I said one of our colleagues name and they just looked at me weirdly again.

    Then that day, they sent that girl (whose name I said) to where we were even though they never go to where we are and we have different work. I asked them what they were doing there and they said they were bored that's why. I overheard one of them say that I asked the girl what they were doing here.

    Ok so what I'm saying is whenever I mention anyone they would immediately send them to me and stuff. This pisses me off so much and they would see that I am affected as well that's why they would assume things.

    Our job involves dealing with customers so they would send female customers to me. Another thing they do is they would face their backs to me and then would look at me weirdly. They would stand infront of me with their backs on me.

    I have no issue with being assumed as being a lesbian but their actions around me is what pisses me off. i wish they would leave me alone and because I'm not good at socialising it makes things a lot worse. They would try to avoid me sometimes and exclude me.

    What I try to do is just try to act normal and smile all the time but there are times when the situation is too difficult.

    I know I seem too affected but I want to enjoy my job and they're making it difficult.

    Also, whenever I say about doing some girly stuff, they would look at me weirdly and then the situation becomes awkward. Sometimes I try to avoid doing some stuff so as not to be misunderstand.

    I want to get a boyfriend too but I don't like anyone at work and I really don't know any guys.

    I just want to know if this happened to anyone because that would make me feel so much better lol. I really want to go into so much details because everyone have different situations.

    It seems as though you can't get close to anyone at work? Then try gym groups, evening classes or any other sports club

    Hey I get you completely. What you need to do is to stop focusing on the fact that your colleagues are 'assuming' things. Like who cares what they think, don't they have lives? You also need to stop assuming things, trust me this is why you are so paranoid about their actions. Just focus on your job and try to exclude yourself from all that drama. I'm sure that you have people at home that love you and understand you more than those at work, besides you know yourself better than they do, so you don't have to prove a point to anybody. And finally, If you want a boyfriend you will get one as long as you remain positive and have confidence in yourself Hope this helps
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