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Hi , Got offer from ifs University College for BSc(Hons) Finance , Investment and Risk. Course modules are interesting ,, what about the university ?? any one going to ifs University College ?
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Hi there.
I’m a first year student studying finance investment and risk. I would recommend choosing the course for 3 main reasons.
The course gives in depth industry specific knowledge into aspects such as financial markets and instruments. This I believe gives students an advantage over students with more general degrees when applying to roles in areas such as investment banking due to superior awareness of the operations of the banks.
Secondly in my experience the support received from lectures and full time programme team has been outstanding. Our small size (between 20-40 students per class) allows for reliable and convenient face to face and email based support from lecturers which personally has allowed me to resolve difficulties with certain aspects of my course soon after they arise. The full time programme team are available for support with any university based or personal questions or issues. We also have one to one personalised career support available from an industry expert, who helps us with internship applications, for places like Goldman Sachs & Barclays.
We are also offered networking opportunities on top of our lectures and seminars and there are also Prestige Lectures where CEOs deliver industry related talks. Previous speakers have included Paul Pester, CEO of TSB, Anthony Browne, Chief Executive of BBA. Additionally, we have attended networking training sessions with The Golden Network, an elite networking group with members working in a wide range of financial services. I believe these opportunities allow students to gain insight into their desired area of finance and make connections potentially leading to work experience opportunities allowing students to start their career journey.

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