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Going to concert abroad by myself...tips please lmao Watch

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    I'm still on the fence about whether to go or not but I will prob end up booking it as a spur of the moment thing knowing me.

    I want to go and see a German artist live and he's touring in Germany until the very end of this year, so I'll prob. go around late December however I AM VERY ANXIOUS cause I've never been to a concert before, even in the UK lmao and I'll be going to this one by myself.

    I do know some German so I'm not excessively concerned language wise but idk what it'll be like going to an event like this on my own - has anyone done this before? I normally just say **** it and do plenty of things by myself but ik concerts are traditionally very social events so I DON'T KNOW IF I'LL JUST LOOK ODD.

    For those that have gone alone do you have any tips for how I can get a grip lmao.

    Ok well every time I have been to Germany I have gone around on my own and while I have not been to a German concert many people there will speak a decent amount of English but speaking a bit of German is always good, There will be people there from England too so you could hang out with them or join in with some German people.

    Probably the most important thing is to make sure you Have a plan for everything. Lets say concert finishes at 11pm Uh oh the last train from the station or the last bus was at 10. Make sure you have everything sorted out in advance. Keeping your belongings safe is a priority and if you are staying in accommodation you can leave passport etc behind but if not I would advise A padlocked bag in your rucksack if you are bringing one.

    And Don't get too drunk, while having a few drinks is fine you really do not want to be incoherent with no friends around to help you.

    If you want any more advice just ask
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Updated: August 2, 2016
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