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    Hey. I'm Anthony and hoping to enter the games industry as a programmer and was curious if l should get a BSc with work placement (Computer Science and Games Development) or a MEng (Computer Science and Games Development, 4 Years). Is one worth/recognised more than the other. And why do people pay extra for a MSc if they could get a MEng without extra money? Thanks for your time.

    The difference between an MSc and MEng is the amount of maths involved, it's an engineering degree.
    Having work experience in the field before applying to jobs is only going to help you as well, that's why Companies that you want to work for will be more likely to hire someone with experience.

    If in doubt contact the lecturers and ask them.

    Hi, I am a BSc computer science student at lancaster uni. I am not doing games dev but from doing software development and other programming projects, I think the extra maths that is taught on BSc is extremely useful and invaluable as a programmer and thus I would recommend doing a BSc over a MEng.

    The discrete maths taught it highly applicable to different programming languages in my case Java, C, C++, Python and a few other more compsci specialised languages, I tallows you to further understand different concepts and how they work, making programming easier of a concept to grasp once you understand the maths.

    Hope I helped, If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

    Unsure on my A level choices. If you don't mind me asking, what a levels/AS have you all taken for games programming degrees?

    Many Thanks,
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Updated: August 14, 2016
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