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    I would be very grateful if anyone could offer any hints or tips!

    I have just found out I've got two interviews for HCA jobs and I am trying to prepare for them. Has anyone had similar interviews or could suggest likely interview questions? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Not sure that I'm much help, since I don't know how successful my interview was! However, I was asked loads of stuff about the wards; what two things you'd look for when you first step on the ward (crash trolley and fire equipment), what other practical facilities would be useful for your role (linen room, sluice, toilets, patient bathrooms, ward kitchen, store cupboards, etc), who the most important group of people are on the ward (the patients), then something like 'if you have a doctor asking you to fetch test results, a patient wanting to go to the loo, a nurse asking you to fetch some blood, and the telephone ringing, which do you attend to first?' The correct answer is that the patient comes first, the blood can wait as the nurse would have specified that it was urgent if that needed to be done first, the doctor can fetch his own results, and then you can answer the phone. Whatever strange combo they come up with, they want to hear that you'd put the patients first. Other q's: if one of your relatives was a patient on your ward, what would you do (a: inform other members of staff, ask to be switched to another team on the ward so you don't have to treat your relative, if unavoidable treat the relative the same as any other patient), how do you think you'd cope with preparing bodies (part of the job is, unfortunately, putting dead bodies into a normal, relaxed position with eyes and mouth closed and hands in a normal curve, before rigor mortis sets in, as bodies are often left on the ward for several hours before a doctor can get there to certify death) - there is no set answer. I went with something like 'I'm sure that it would be a difficult situation to cope with, that it's not possible to imagine how I might deal with it until it happens, and that I would do my best to detach myself emotionally in order to do my job without it affecting patient care standards'. I think they want to know you won't collapse in a heap at the sight of a body, and that you're strong enough mentally to do that and then carry on with your shift without being overwhelmed emotionally.

    They were very focussed on not lowering standards of patient care, but that could have been personal to my interview as I wanted to combine it with another part time job and they were concerned that I would be overworked and therefore not giving my all to the patients.

    A sense of realism about the job is useful. Don't appear shocked when they imply the majority of the job is toiletting patients. Don't go into it thinking you're gonna save lives.

    Hope that helps.

    I started a thread about this a few weeks ago when i had my interview.


    In my interview i was asked what caring meant?

    I was asked about health and safetly, so gloves, tie hair back the usual things.

    I was also given 2 scenarios were i had to say how i would handle the situation. Thats pretty easy just remember to be caring and that you arent a qualified nurse.

    There were a few other things that i cant remember now but just make sure your confident in your interview. I dressed smart and took along a folder of all my qualifications.

    I got the job btw and start my training next week

    If you need any other help then just ask.

    Do a quick google aswell to find out what is expected of you in the job.
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Updated: July 28, 2007

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