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People that have beaten/got better at dealing with anxiety.. HELP watch

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    I'm 19 and right now I am VERY anxious. It's strange because I'm subconsciously anxious, but consciously I'm quite a confident person.

    I feel like I'm getting more and more anxious and I don't know how I can reverse it. I'm unwilling to take anxiety pills because the side effects will put me in a worse state that current.

    I'm about to start CBT, I'm doing a lot of exercise, avoiding too much caffeine or alcohol yet it's not improving.

    The last month or so has been then ors it has ever been and it's making me miserable.

    What advice do you have?
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    Has no one got any advice? :/

    Hi! I understand how you're feeling - I have mild GAD and (had) moderate to severe SAD. I started getting anxiety attacks in February this year; I got so panicked at one point that I couldn't go in for an exam.

    I started CBT almost two months ago, and I can tell you, it really does work. I had really bad social anxiety; last year, I spent most of my Grandad's 80th birthday party outside because just the thought of going inside (with my own family and friends) actually terrified me. On Saturday, I went to my best friend's 18th birthday party, with people I'd never met before, and had loads of fun; no anxiety whatsoever.

    My doctor told me to start a positivity diary. Every day, you write down five things that happened that made you smile or made you feel happy. It can be anything - you got a good grade on a test, or someone gave you a compliment. One thing you have to include in each entry is something good you did for yourself.

    I was told to start mediation, too; my doc told me to download an app called Anamaya meditation (it comes up as "Yoga and Meditation" when you search for it in the app store). I do 10-15 minutes of mediation every night before I go to bed, because it helps me relax and I can get to sleep a lot easier.

    I hope that all helps, and I hope things get better for you xx

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