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    Hi All,

    I graduated in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Manchester in 2015 ad applied last year for graduate medicine this year.

    Unfortunately my UKCAT score was very below average (620) and only Birmingham offered me an interview due to the fact they base scoring on personal statement and academic ability. Most other graduate medicine universities rank students by UKCAT initially and invite top 25%.

    I went through the whole process of UKCAT, Volunteering, UCAS application and MMI interviews. I am reapplying this year again. There was a guy who was reapplying for the third time last year at my MMI interview, and he got in. Never give up right!

    If you need any advice let me know.

    Nice one, assuming by the fact you applied to Birmingham you got a first? I'm in the same boat, DA last year pulled my average down to measly 595. Where are you applying this year? What sort of experience have you done?
    Best of luck this year , I think having done a biomed degree myself it will really help should we get into medschool.

    I'm looking to apply to Birmingham for 2017 entry. My only concern is that I've got a 2:1 and I know they prefer first class degrees. Also my A levels aren't great (ABC). Do they look at GCSEs too for graduate medicine? Mine are ok 5As 5Bs. However I've got plenty healthcare experience so I'm hoping my PS will help. My UKCAT is 690 which puts me in the 7th decile but I'm still unsure whether it's enough to get on the 4 year course for UKCAT universities like southampton, King's and QM Barts. I'm really considering applying for the 5 year course. Any comments/advice?

    Does anyone know if graduate applicants can receive contextual flags for the 104 medicine course at Manchester??

    (Original post by Chocoholic20)
    Does anyone know if graduate applicants can receive contextual flags for the 104 medicine course at Manchester??
    How does one raise contextual flag?
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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