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Upon graduation, I’d like to work in a politically related field – maybe a consultancy or a ThinkTank. I’ve been reading from various sources that politics would be a better bet for employment than languages, as language learning does not teach a specific industry or skill (apart from the language obviously), and it would be better to study languages alongside politics as your main degree – such as in university language centres.

My main passion in life is politics, I’m a huge politics geek and I feel I have enough knowledge to work for an NGO/think tank – but the only thing a lack of politics degree would preclude me from is working for a policy consultancy I feel.
I would like to work for an NGO/think tank and hopefully my languages may prove useful – or if not, I could tutor languages on the side/have tutoring as a backup given the uncertainty in the employment market. (This is a major concern of mine as I don’t have the luxury of being able to live with parents upon graduation and do need a job).

I had also thought of translation, but apparently this is very difficult to break into.

I don’t feel I could get my language ability up to a working level without the degree – I have self taught 3 European languages (ironic now ha!) for about 5 years and I speak them excellently (apologies for the arrogance haha!), but not quite work level fluency – which I think the degree would cement.

I would really enjoy a politics degree as I really like writing (in English!) and probably find it much easier than studying languages (although I did get an A in one of my languages at A-level so I wouldn’t suck at it), but I don’t feel that would give me much more knowledge that I would require for a career that was politically related (i.e. less value for money).

I actually think language learning is more vocation oriented than politics. Especially considering my degree involves quantifying data and I am actively involved in my local political party and would probably join debate soc etc at uni.

Is there anyone out there who studied a language and is working in a different field and is happy with/regrets their choice to study languages?

Or do you think, as the author suggests, you could get your linguistic fluency up to working level “on the side” of their main degree choice as it's a waste of time and degree to study just languages?

Thoughts much appreciated.

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