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What should I do with my life? watch

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    I'm 18
    I want to be a paramedic
    I've dropped out of college (when I was meant to go back this year) because I wanted to take the apprenticeship route instead.
    I couldn't find an apprenticeship that suited me (I've applied to like one that I found really good but the chances of me getting it is quite low?)
    I KNOW my A level grades are not going to be good so I doubt I'll be able to even continue the college I'm at (I was retaking year 12 so I basically ****ed up again).
    I feel like even if I either go back to college or do a different apprenticeship I wont be able to put my all into it without ****ing up because I'm in a really unhealthy environment.
    I really want to move out but I want to also prioritise my education
    I know working will allow me to move out quicker but it would mean that I would have to keep working full time and I would most likely forget about education
    However without moving out I dont think I will be able to get on with anything
    Should I just become a stripper or get a sugar daddy and use that money to move out and since I would only be working night times or evenings, I could do my education during the day?

    I know you're not even joking about stripping...

    I say keep looking and find yourself a careers adviser who can point you in the right direction. if you can't find an apprenticeship it doesn't mean the options are not out there. i often find that there are many different alternatives you can take towards becoming a certain profession its just that not many people know what they are (probably because they would just prefer it if people simply went to college and uni and put themselves in a serious amount of debt!). don't give up and don't go down stupid routes like being a stripper either. that sort of shiz will definitely not take you down the right path, thats for sure! plus try having more dignity than that!

    so i say:

    1. get an adviser/help from a professional
    2. keep studying at home. you don't need to go to school/college to learn, you can also teach yourself
    3. try taking voluntary work, that will help you find a job more easily
    4. keep looking for that apprenticeship/opportunity
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