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There are two types of membership:

1)Full Member Status - you plan to study Physics (or related subject, eg. engineering, natsci[physical], computer science, maths, architecture, electronics etc...) at University level.

2)Honorary Member Status - you have a genuine interest in Physics, but do not plan to study it beyond A-Level.

Both memberships allow you to do the same things within the society, the 2different types are simply used to allow people to distinguish between someone who will study the subject further and those who won't, such as if they require information about specific topics etc.

If you want to join please PM your type of membership and I will add you to the official list. I will not be replying to people who ask to join via this thread, or any others, as I don't check them often enough! Sorry.

Please be patient, particularly as I will be away from Friday (16th July) for 2wks.

Additionally, please do not add the society to your signature until you have received your confirmation PM.

Thank you
UKL PhySoc Founder
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