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So I'm starting year 12 in September and have chosen to do the AQA Extended Project Qualification alongside my other subjects and have been thinking about a few ideas to start me off. I haven't officially decided the topic but I'm sure I want to do something in psychology as I adore the science! I have been particularly interested in the psychology of happiness and have drafted a title:

What are the factors that determine the extent of an individual's level of happiness?

I'd like to know; is this a suitable title? Is the topic interesting enough? I want to make sure my title is very broad so it means I have lots to talk about. I'm aiming for the top grades so if you have any other tips you could give me I'd be very grateful

Also do you know where I could find an example EPQ on any topic in Psychology? I think it would help me visualise the style of writing, structure, etc. that I want for my project!
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I am a masters student in forensic psychology and an assistant psychologist.

Firstly, I am not aware of this qualification, so I don't know what it entails but it seems to involve some large discussion on an area?

One thing that us psychologist love to see and do is debate. Now, this may not be the case for this qualification (but I'd be surprised if it wasn't).

So I would pick a topic which could involve some good debate. For example, I'm no professional at happiness but maybe you could detail briefly the theories of happiness and provide the evidence for each one but also evidence the studies which have not supported them aswell.

Some theories overlap with some details and occasionally you are able to state that although there is supporting evidence for all these theories, they all share this certain aspect (large support for that aspect).

I understand where you are coming from with stating that the broader the area the more you have to write about, but if you have a word count sometimes it is better to have a balance between broad and detailed. You want to have enough to write about but you want to ensure it is detailed enough and that you aren't ending up talking about so much but each being brief.

I hope that has given you something to think about.

Your title could be a bit more concise:

What factors influence the extent of an individuals' happiness?

*Once again, this is all just my opinion and thoughts, not necessarily correct!*

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