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ocd anxiety- preoccupied with my thoughts watch

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    Hi ,I have suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder since adolescence and it has come in many different forms .I'm mainly very concerned about harming someone else ranging from offending them to inflicting physical pain. I have received CBT treatment and attended psycho thrapy . CBT helped to some extent but I am still suffering the same symtoms of anxiety.Sometimes I wonder whether I make it worse for myself with the behaviours that I do in response to the thoughts. These behaviours are very obscure and this is what makes my OCD difficult to relate to other people's rituals and obsessions. These behaviours include grunting like a tennis player or trying to do something really fast. For instance, the unpleasant thoughts that I have are triggered when I try to grunt like Rafa Nadal or go faster at something to perfection. I feel the need to do these behaviours and not worry about what occurs but It just doesn't work. Then I feel I am avoiding grunting or doing something perfectly faster. So it becomes a vicoious circle.What gets me down particularly is when these thoughts impact my concentration at work . It's very debilitating and can make me feel useless! I just wondered if there was anyone out there who could offer some advice /or who is suffering from a similar problem with OCD.? I am a student currently, I and I will be going to visit my local GP to discuss possible directions to help the problem. Recently I have bottled my anxiety up which is hard.

    My mother has OCD to, she is taking medication and has had CBT which worked quite well for her. However she always relapses during the holidays as she has nothing to do to divert her (she works in a school). Definitely try not to do the behaviours in response to the thoughts as it strengthens that connection in the brain kind of like practising an instrument. I can't offer any other advice really because there isn't really a treatment for OCD you just have to learn how to manage it.

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