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Worried about going to university? watch

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    You really have nothing to worry about. There's so many people that you're bound to make friends. Just join a few societies so you feel more at home. Enjoy it, you'll be there for at least 3 years

    Call/Text your family every now and then, but uni is where you start to become independent. It may take some time to get used to but you will eventually get into the swing of things

    It's so depressing seeing people worried about going.

    Meanwhile in worried about whether or not I'm getting in.

    Anyway, my advice is go on Facebook and join your uni group. Even if you never post anything, reading funny conversations from other people will calm you down.

    I think the main reason I'd be calm (if i make it in) is because like 4 people from my class are going to the same uni as me. It always helps to be familiar with people beforehand.
    Plus you can still visit your family any weekend you want.

    even the shyest people come out of their shell at uni, i wouldnt stress, have you found your flatmates on facebook yet? that would really help you settle down a bit before you go! it helped me! any specific questions, just pm me

    It is always knotty at the beginning but you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of other students who are feeling the same.
    Like you I was also very uneasy at the commencement and missed my family a lot; but it went well in the end.

    The first year is about settling down hence you only need 40% in each module to progress to the next year (don't settle for that!). Universities are aware that moving to University can be a culture shock for first year students.

    Try to get involved a lot of societies in your first year and make a lot of friends is my best recommendation.
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    (Original post by Pn2020)
    Hey guys, I'm going to university next month. But I'm really nervous the past two days I've just been feeling sad and depressed about the situation. I feel like I'm not ready to go. I have no idea what to expect l and don't know how I'll cope being without my family. I feel like socially interacting with people I'm a bit shy and that I won't make any friends and that I'm gonna hate it. I feel like I'm dreading the day to go. Any help?

    Firstly, what you are experiencing is completely common and is experienced by a majority of students when starting university. University is a scary experience when building up to it and there is a lot of worrying and overthinking about it - mainly the negatives but there are a lot of positives!

    You will feel like that but once you get there and get stuck into the experience, you'll discover that you are ready - it's a minority that discovers they aren't ready and if that's the case - no problem, there is plenty of time. You'll learn to adjust to the new life style and your family are always a phone call away! You'll make friends - it'll just happen!

    Try and draw up a list of positives about going to university!

    Best of luck

    Just don't be an utter **** like me and avoid talking to your flatmates at all giving you a thoroughly depressing year.
    Make every effort to be friendly and engage with people. Then you will be fine.

    I felt exactly the same way and i'm starting in September too. Just try to focus on the reasons why you want to go to uni such as being independent and meeting new people. New friends will come as long as you make an effort and be yourself, remember it's not like school and there are hundreds of people to choose so don't worry if you can't get along with everyone at first. Your flatmates will be a great base to start off with as they are probably in the same boat as you, and you can always call text or faceTime your family.

    Ive also found a great way to try and make friends early is though groups on facebook and you might even find some people here.

    I would try and 'meet' a couple of people from your course/halls before you go and then you're not starting by yourself, you'll have someone who's in the same boat

    in general though, people are so keen to make friends in those first few weeks you'd have to hide in your room and not talk to anyone to not make friends... people want to get to know each other... it is scary at first but you just have to throw yourself in to it

    as far as family goes, you have to move out eventually, you'll never feel 'ready' and it will always be scary but you're only going to be a phone call and a train ride away so try not to worry, you can see them regularly if you need to
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