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    Me and the squad went to Nandos last night and it couldn't have gone worse. It was like something out of a sitcom. Here is how the evening went:

    So we all got to Nandos and took a seat. We talked for a bit and then took our orders. When we were taking our orders my friends noticed her ex walk into Nandos and TAKE A SEAT AT THE TABLE NEXT TO US. My friend was not happy. She didn't want to be seen my him. It would be awkward. Next thing I know my other friend has rushed to the toilet because she said she felt sick. She had apparently been sick all day but didn't want to miss the cheeky Nandos with the squad.

    After we took our orders we were all just stood there and my friend was saying we've got to sit at another table. And I said we can't, there's no other tables free! I sat down and my 2 other friends followed. My friend was luckily hidden by my other friend who blocked the ex from seeing her. My friend came back from the loo saying she had been sick. Then we got our food and it was all going ok until my friend started feeling really sick. My fiend took my friend to the toilet and on the way back her ex saw her and said 'oh my god! Fancy seeing you here!' And she said ' yeah what a coincidence!'.

    Next thing I know he had was taking her over to his table ad introducing her to his new gf. She was a ***** and said to the ex 'I bet your glad you got out of that one' and my friend heard and said 'excuse me?' And the gf said 'you heard me. You didn't deserve my bf' and suddenly they started fighting in the middle of Nandos and me and my friend were just sat there saying sit down! And I tried to break them up and so did the ex and my sick friend who was shouting 'that's enough!' And suddenly she started to be sick and was sick all over the ex. He was not happy. He had sick all over his new white shirt. 'Oh s***. Sorry' my friend said and the ex shouted and ran out the shop followed by the gf who shoved my friend who fell back, knocking into the table next to us, knocking their food all over the floor.

    I was thinking 'bloody hell. It's all kicking off tonight'. My friend said can we just go home' and so we just left after the angry waiter tried to mop up the sick and the food and complained about us. We just ran, left the money on the table. Outside the restaurant the ex was talking about us saying how horrible we are and saying his gf shouldn't have started the fight. I just found it all quite funny so I couldn't help smiling. It was like a sitcom. The Gf thought I was smiling because of her bf getting sick all over him and she started swearing at me and came up to me saying 'you want to fight?!' I think she was a chav. I am not one for a fight. I said 'please calm down'. She said 'you think all this is funny you posho?!' And I said 'No! no! Of course not!' As I stumbled back as I thought she was going to punch me.

    A crowd had formed outside Nandos shouting fight fight fight! And she said 'why were you smiling your arrogant ass off then?!' I said I wasn't and she said 'you lier!' And shoved me hard in the stomach. It hurt. She could shove hard. My friend was shouting at her now and nearly got in a fight with her and the ex was saying 'stop!' And he looked really angry. I just shouted 'run!' And we just ran for it to the bus stop and went home not even believing what just happened. Bloody hell. What a night. Still can't believe it! It was just like a sitcom! Quite funny but quite shocking... That girl was horrible. I don't know if we're ever going to go to Nandos again.
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