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"Corbyn supporter's family went hungry to raise £25 for vote" Watch

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    No link as I saw this on News24.

    In an interview with BBC, Labour lawyer Kate Harrison claims that she spoke to a voter whose family went hungry so that they could raise the £25 necessary for the higher rate Labour membership and to be eligible to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming leadership election.
    Firstly, let me say that I am almost certain that this is untrue. Either the interviewee made it up, or the person she spoke to made it up.

    But it just goes to show the level of fanatacism and self-delusion that we've reached. That people are ready to act like imbeciles, or even to appear to act like imbeciles in this way.

    I know what the Corbynites will say "it meant that much to them" followed by this all somehow being the fault of the Tories.

    I would ask - why would any sane person do this? If you need £25 that badly - clearly you're in dire straits. So to then deprive a family of food - to vote in an election that is a basically a foregone conclusion?

    Why would any sane person applaud this?

    If this is true, all that has happened is that some people have gone hungry to support a election that was already won for a candidate so absurd that he is basically guaranteeing a Tory landslide in 2020.

    Fo' sho'?

    Ironic considering if Corbyn became PM they'd always go hungry.

    I have little sympathy if that is indeed true (although would be skeptical). The vote won't be decided by 1 vote, all signs are pointing to a Corbyn landslide so it's just silly, foolish and imprudent

    It's like asking yourself whether you should playthe lottery every week

    - If you are living on the breadline and £2 will make a difference to whether you will go hungry or will be able to afford your rent then don't buy a ticket, your chances of winning are so slim.
    - If you can spare £2 a week but a lottery win would make a big difference to your life, then go ahead if you want, it's not a ridiculous amount of money to spend on an unlikely outcome.
    - If you have plenty of money already and a lottery win wouldn't make much difference to you life, well why are you playing the lottery?

    Except in this case I'm not sure I would want the prize...

    Family, as in one-two parents with children? If so, the children should be taken away, disgusting neglect.

    am i the only one who thinks that charging extra for "right to vote" is a stupidity?why would all members of such party be allowed to vote (after all, they all pay membership fee- or at least I assume)?anyway- if the story is true, the guy is an idiot.
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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