Illness and how it effected me this spring

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    In December I developed a mystery illness which lasted a week which affected my memory and fluency, which essentially then faded away.
    I was told that it was likely a mental illness known as multiple personality; however didn't truly believe in this diagnosis. The illness also came on after drinking alcohol (so in part thought my drink may have been spiked or something along those lines).

    I was put under mental health services and given a 'just to be safe' MRI, which found a white abnormality. During this waiting period I had many of my university interviews - which many i failed at due to what I belief was my concentration and motivation being affected.

    I then though I had some form of brain cancer while my next interviews were taken and still had the issues with concentrating and feeling either extremely anxious or within situations which I should be anxious, overly calm - however in a lazy way.

    I was offered a place at Canterbury to study an alternate course - which I am extremely grateful for as in my current state I don't feel I would be able to deal with my original course applied for.

    On the 13 of July (ish) I was told i had a mild case of autoimmune encephalitis anti-gaba b (which is an antibody to do with anxiety). I also want to mention I have a history of anxiety and depression so prior to knowing this though the weird anxiety was just my normal stuff over-reacting to everyday stress.

    I really believe this illness has affected my learning this year and I am very worried I won't get the required results to do the new course. I don't know whether I should directly contact the uni to tell them what I have been going through this year and I especially worried contacting them so close to the results day may cause it to appear i am lying or over-exaggerating. I also worry that what i am feeling isnt the illness but rather a overplayed thought now affecting me in additional ways.

    I also worry that if I email them, then get the results to attend I will be drawing attention to an illness which in reality I can control.

    I have more medical tests to come, and my diagnosis still isn't completely finalised.

    Joanne, There are a couple of things you can do.

    1. You can admit defeat for this year. Get your grades, let your school/college argue the case for higher grades and retry getting to uni for Sept 2017.

    2. You can say, get your results then go through clearing for your main choice course.

    3. You can try the 'I was ill' course you suggest.

    But ask yourself, are you well enough to do a course in Sept this year? A course for a degree is a step up from A Levels etc. I hope that you get into your original course in some way. Good luck. M.
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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