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    Sorry, don't like using Anon, but kinda have to this time since the person in question comes on here and knows who i am :p:

    Basically, my girlfriend keeps dropping things last minute. I mean, for example we were gonna go out yesterday, had it planned, then last minute she found out she was meant to be going out with her family, so did. Fair enough, i don't have a problem with that, i have a problem with her just not even checking to see if she's free, and hence me getting let down. Again, today the same happens. Were gonna go to the cinema, but instead she had other plans but didnt bother to check.

    It kinda all stems from her not being as independant as me i think, if i want to do something i do it, if she wants to, she has to check that there aren't other things already planned. At least she should, but doesn't.

    Those aren't the only 2 cases either, but i was just gonna ask the civilised heads of TSR if i have the right to be a little p***** off?

    Thank youuuuu
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    It is frustrating when you make plans and at the very last minute she says she can't go. Obviously family is important, but I would talk to her about this, tell her you are not happy about keep having to change your plans.

    Heh, I have just encountered this, but from the other end. My girlfriend and I are both crazy about each other, but recently towards the end of term, things have picked up for us in terms of personal statement writing and UCAS and all that rubbish and certain extra curricular stuff (I am slightly paranoid about it all, and also committed to some societies which seem to be eating my spare time lately, which I HATE!), so I have much less time to see her, even though I'm desperate to. She always kept inviting me round etc. and just because I was looking forward to it so much I said yes straight off, without even thinking if it was possible, and not to mention things that sprung up on me (unavoidable things!!). She did get rather mad, not to mention.

    So, maybe I could lobby for your partner here in a way, and let you understand from a different perspective. I can completely understand why you'd be angry/upset/frustrated at this and yes in a way its justly, but also just think that these arent necessarily things that she can get out of, and possibly like me she just answers "yes" without actually putting any thought into it, but only because she likes seeing you.

    Just remember, its probably just as frustrating for her as it is for you

    Me and my bf both get horribly annoyed if one of us change plans, so we don't change plans lol unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Talk to the girl, tell her it really annoys you and can she simply check next time first. You could be actively supporting her - when you next plan something, ask her to check in her diary and get back to you about a date. If she doesn't have a diary, mention that she does forget dates very often, and get her a diary as a present

    For some reason I feel horribly hurt and disappointed when my bf drops plans, cus I end up feeling like other stuff's more important to him than me :p: On top of that I get very irritated when someone drops plans cus I would've arranged around the plan! lol
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