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Possible to completely overcome depression? Watch

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    Hi, I'm 23 years old and I've struggled with various levels of depression and anxiety for several years. I've felt as though recently I've finally started to feel more stable and happy, and not just temporarily this time.*

    My biggest worry though is that I'll relapse, despite feeling way more confident that I have this under control. I've just started as a junior doctor last week, and the stresses of the job are unbelievable. It's this that I'm worried will push me back into a dark place that I thought I was finally out of. So many junior doctors or indeed anyone starting a new job can be overwhelmed from the pressure and become depressed, and I'm just terrified that someone with my history doesn't stand a chance.*

    My mind set and the way I view life has changed massively and I'm so proud that I've come as far as I have and managed to finally find happiness. I guess what I'm really hoping for is some sort of reassurance from someone that can tell me it really can get better for good?

    Please do share your stories, I'd love to hear them *
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    Surely you have two objectives.

    Recognise how it works with you and how it manifests itself.

    Work out counter strategies to prevent or deal with it when it arrives? You need to take into account new stress factors and be vigilant in dealing with them. keep a diary, talk to people you trust and monitor yourself.

    preventing or nipping in the bud is the most effective way to aboid it getting out of hand.
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    I've struggled with depression for about 7 years and I can say it wasn't easy. But like you, thanks to my new mind sets and my new perspective of life, I've been free from it for about 1 year. I did have some breakdowns but they only lasted for a few days or even less. But I guess everyone gets those sometimes

    I wont talk much about my own experience because I'm just 19 and only over my depression for a year, but I can sure talk about my brother.

    He struggled with severe depression for more than I can remember and his depression went deeper and lasted longer than mine, but now he is 32 and never been depressed again for 6 years!

    The way he is living now, I can tell that it's completely gone. He never took anti-depressives and only went to therapy for 6 moths.

    Here are two things that I kept in mind this year to help me out:

    1. Emotions are all temporary, so detach yourself from them! You are not what you feel. Detaching yourself from negative emotions will help you see that the sadness you feel does not define you, and will go away. Detach yourself from positive emotions and you wont feel terrible when it's gone. So instead of seeking happiness, seek peace of mind! Focus on just feeling! If you are happy, just smile. If you are sad, just cry your eyes out! It's very healthy!

    2. Practice meditation! Most people around us don't see life the way we do. Keeping with our own way of life can be hard and you might forget what you learned. Meditation really helps with that! It also helps a lot with stress and anxiety.

    If you wish to talk to me about more advice, my way of seeing life, meditation, or what I do to keep my mind at peace just say so! I'd be happy to share!
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