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    How do you stop a car. I know this improbably a dumb question but I've had one driving lesson and my instructor started explaining it which started to confuse me, I just want the basic straightforward steps. I get you press the brake gently but then do you press the clutch down just before you stop or after? and do you press the clutch down slowly or quickly? I can stop the car but its really jumpy, how do i make it go smoother?

    You press the clutch down BEFORE you stop, the speed of pressing it down doesn't really matter. The point to press it down is just before your speed is slow enough for things to become juddery. All this comes with practice though.

    Aslong as your clutch is down before the gear reaches its speed threshold i.e. 15mph is too slow for 3rd gear, then you can apply a little brake first then the clutch or put your clutch down and then some brake.

    The car is getting jumpy because you're going to slow for the gear you're in. Putting your clutch down (taking the car out of gear) will stop the car from getting jumpy and by applying your brake, you'll come to a smooth stop.

    However, on slopes, if you put your clutch down first, your car will likely pick up speed, so when you're going down a slope and need to stop, always apply a little bit of brake first and then put your clutch down without taking your foot of the brake.
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