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Moving some stuff, whats the best plan? Watch

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    Moving my stuff to new accomodation early so I can settle down before others get here.

    Original plan was to go back on Monday when contract ends, pick up my pc and just a bag of shopping and my pc I left there (on laptop right now)

    But silly me, on way to new accomodation on train I notice I don't have my return portion of ticket and a single costs the same as return unless I get an advance one (and theres only 3 trains a day that take a hour, rest take over 2 hours each way)

    Plus I literally came back from holiday Saturday exhausted and went to relatives Monday night which was a 3 hour journey, then 2 hours back to my old accomodation, then packed my stuff last night and on train today as hospital appointment at my new place tomorrow at 9am so too tired to go back to old accomodation.

    So new plan has to be wait to Monday as original plan was, then buy an advance ticket that costs £6-£9 but then ties me down to a set train (and as I say only 3 a day are fast and theres a 7 hour gap between two of them) or buy a return costing £16 that I can use all day but then may not use the return portion.

    Or risk going at weekend and getting an advance, going down and picking up the shopping I left there and my computer monitor, coming back same day with my old return tickets meaning I when I go back on Monday I just have the desktop to pick up and that means I don't have to get taxi to station which would of been £4 each way anyway.

    So essentially if you have read this far, do I keep to original plan which will cost me £7 for extra train fare but limit me to one train, then pay another £8 for the taxis (one to station one from station) which means heavy lifting.

    Or for the sake of 4 hours of my day save £8 and have a far easier 2nd journey?
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