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    So I've recently (May 6th) found out that foreskin is supposed to retract during intercourse. While I wasn't exactly in the middle of sex when I found this out it was female companion who pointed this out to me in bed. We tried to retract it but it hurt & even now it grips too tight when retracted so I avoid doing it when I'm alone. I went to see the doctor the next day & he told me I have phimosis which I stumbled upon before but never really paid attention to.

    Now, here's my (other) problem; lack or sex doesn't bother me. Whether it's by choice or lack of pursuit with partners, it doesn't bother me at all. But, when it's because of a possible inability to HAVE sex, it does. A lot actually & while it doesn't exactly get me down it does make me wonder what will happen with future partners.

    The doctor said to visit the urologist who would probably recommend a circumcision or a preputioplasty (stretching of the foreskin). While the latter is preferable to me it might not be the recommended option & unfortunately the former conflicts with my personal beliefs about alteration of the body. Because of this it's put me in the weirdest conflict of interests & I've come to the decision that I won't get the circumcision unless I'm in a serious commited relationship were the sexual interests of my partner outweigh my own beliefs. But I was wondering something from other people who have or have had phimos; is sex still possible? Like will a condom agitate the foreskin if it's not retracted? And for that matter, is condomless sex possible without foreskin agitation.

    (ps. I've wanted to write this for about a month now but put it off out of embaressment)
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    I've never had it, but I was good friends with someone who did (thanks to a minor op around the time of their birth).

    They had significant problems when they started having sexual relationships. As well making it harder to use a condom, there's the issue of cleaning the penis, and the loss of pleasure through not having more of the head of their penis stimulated. They ended up having a circumcision and were delighted with the results.

    You've said that retracting it hurts, well that's what's going to happen with condomless sex - whatever you're going inside is going to tug more or less gently on your foreskin.

    Basically, see if stretching is an option and if it isn't you need to decide which is more important to you: having all of your foreskin or having penetrative sex with your penis. I don't have any piercings or tattoos because those sort of bodily alterations are not for me at all, but I know which of those two options I'd pick. But 'your body, your choice'.
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