Secret of success explained : How One Goat Inspired an Entire Generation to Seek Succ Watch

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There was a frail young goat that couldn't walk up a mountain and could only eat brown grass in a baron field where all the grass had already been eaten by the other goats. So the young goat decided to eat leaves and berries instead. The goat grew up and became so strong that one day he walked all the way up the hill to find the same problem. All the grass had been eaten by the other goats. He was late to the new pasture. So the goat decided to introduce the other goats to leaves and berries. But the goat was clever. He didn’t tell the other goats where the best leaves and berries were located. The other goats started eating the leaves and berries they were introduced too. They liked the leaves and berries so much that they even began collecting the leaves and berries and storing them for the winter. The goat then told the herd that he had a secret place where all the most nutritious leaves and juiciest berries were located and that if they wanted them, the other goats would have to allow him to marry and mate with eight goat wives from the herd. The goat ended up becoming the most popular goat in the herd and began taking goat wives and mating. Over the next three mating seasons, his goat wives had three goat children each. The goat then decided to let the other goats in the herd starve and to feed his goat wives and goat children first before the other goats. The other goats in the herd died and the goat, his goat wives and their goat children grew stronger and flourished. The goat, his goat wives and their goat children took over the herd. Moral of the story? If you got this far into the story you’re a ****. Stop spending your time reading *****y success stories and business memes on LinkedIn posted by losers and only read by even bigger losers. The fact you got this far is a clear example of how much of a loser **** you have become. Go back to your desk, do some work and set realistic goals. Your first realistic goal should be to stop being such a loser.
Kevin De Bruyne
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I think the 'moral' is rather unfair, no? There's being 'real' and then being 'a real jerk'. @ whoever wrote it.

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