OFFER: Free Skype tutorials for AS/A Level Physics, Chemistry and (Further) Maths Watch

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First of all, I apologise if this is posted in the wrong forum. If so, please move this thread to the appropriate place.

I've just finished my A Level in June and I have pretty much nothing to do for another month or so until my university term begins. I love teaching so I figured I might as well try to help some people. I did CIE Physics, CIE Chemistry and Edexcel Mathematics, but I can probably adapt to any exam board if necessary.

For Further Maths, I'll only do the pure modules. I have quite a bit of exposure to all 18 modules (I only did 15 in the end) but I've forgotten most of the stuff in the applied modules (M3, S2 and above), although I can probably try to help if you have any questions with a bit of effort. I've taught quite a bit of Edexcel D1 and D2 though, so I might still be able to give reasonable help with that.

There might be certain chapters that I'm not too confident with any more (especially stuff from AS Physics) but I'll try my best.

So yeah. Just tell me which subject, which chapter (try to be specific if possible) and which exam board you're doing and I'll try to arrange a day and time to Skype. Also, it would be useful if you can tell me the current level of understanding that you have (whether you're a top A student trying for an A*, or someone struggling to pass and is happy to get a D) so that I can plan accordingly. The more info the better.

Just try not to expect too much from me. (:

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