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    I've just found a fantastic section on the RAF Halton website that gives a detailed rundown on things. Very informative, even has a skeleton schedule for the 9 weeks.

    On there is a kit list - however, this differs from the one the AFCO has given me. The one available online at http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafhalton/aboutus/faqs.cfm has additional items that are not included in the paper copy that I have.

    These include:

    • Head torch
    • Swimming goggles
    • A4 Notepad for studying purposes
    • Padlocks that are not 'snap-locking'
    • Cotton wool pleat/balls (100% cotton – not polyester)
    • Wet wipes

    Plus a couple of other slight variations. So which list is more up-to-date and basically (I know this topic has been covered a million times, please humour me) which other items would people reccomend to take and conversely - which items prove useless and are not worth taking.


    Rule of thumb - If it is on a list and you can carry it, take it. If you don't use it then so be it but if you need it and don't have it then you are popping your head into the sights of the instructional staff.

    Possible uses for the bits you listed:

    Head Torch - You can dirty books at night without disturbing your mates. Unless you don't just read!

    Swimming Goggles - You will go swimming and these are a good place to use them. Also can be used in conjunction with your head torch if you are that way inclined.

    A4 Notepad for studying purposes - You can put your dirty book inside the A4 pad so that you room mates thing you are studying - Head torch on! Hard to justify if you are also wearing the goggles and are not in the swimming pool.

    Padlocks that are not "Snap Shutting" - Imagine locking your keys inside your locker. Not good news as you now have no access to any of the kit listed earlier. This can be frustrating. Also you have to trot off to the DI and explain why you need your swimming goggles ar 2 am.

    Cotton wool pleat/balls (100% cotton – not polyester) - You can use these to bull your shoes as a stand alone item or in conjunction with the other items listed. I will leave you to decide on the best use in this environment. Point to note: If you do prefer polyester to 100% cotton then RAF issue socks are a useful alternative (you can even name them - I have 2 called Chuck and Heide).

    Wet Wipes - Havent got a clue!! ;-)

    Right then...I am off to get a life!

    I was told last week that the wet wipes are fantastic to take as they have universal useage.

    Cleaning Boots
    Cleaning Trainners
    Cleaning most things

    but the best use for them, i was told is when you're out in the woods for three days in combat mode - they are great to wipe certain lower body regions with!

    Top advice from Tony there on the use of head torches and swim goggles !

    Further to that...

    Head Torch - you will need one on CPT - it must have a red filter, for tactical reasons. It's so much easier to clean your rifle at 3am with a torch on your head, rather than incapacitating one of your hands.

    Swimming Goggles - if you use them for swimming, then great, use them, however you will not be able to use them during the Swim Test.

    A4 Notepad - yeah, fairly obvious

    Padlocks are for the exact reason Tony mentioned.

    Wet Wipes - yes, they are handy to have, I suppose, although you might not get away with using them on CPT, as they do insist on you having a real wash with soap and water, so they shouldn't be taken as a substitute for a face cloth and soap, just as a compliment. The DS won't watch you take a wash, so if you can get away with it, then great. They are good for removing Camo cream, best used prior to having a proper wash.

    As for cleaning your boots, trainers etc... with, I used things like Flash Wipes - they have stronger cleaning power. In fact, I would think about stocking up on Flash Wipes, or similair, (get as many as you can afford - they are quite pricy, but you should get cheaper versions from Pound shops or car-boot sales - they work just as well) they are brilliant for cleaning your bedspace, doing your block jobs - all sorts really - i highly recommend them.

    Also, it might say on your kit list not to get Parade Gloss - don't listen to them - get it, and use it in conjunction with polish for that extra shine - as long as you keep it well hidden (in your personal luggage), you will get away with it - they don't know the difference, even though they say they do.

    Yep, agree with the above

    Head torches are great, and the red filter is a must for any torch you intend to take out 'camping'. Just remember with the head torch that people get annoyed as you shine it in your faces when you look at them!

    Wet wipes / baby wipes are handy for when you want a quick clean but not got time for a wash. I take them if I'm in the field and always find them handy. Certainly not a subsitute for a bit of soap and water though.

    Still use cotton wool to bull my shoes, admittedly not very often!

    Seems sensible advice about the flash wipes and parade gloss.
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