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The political and media establishment of the west is lying about what people think Watch

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    They are trying to control the narrative.

    'Brexit can't win'
    'Trump can't win'
    'The EU will get stronger, it can't collapse'
    'Corbyn is electoral suicide'

    How do you know?
    1 has been achieved.
    2 is far more likely than anyone thinks.
    3 is far more likely than anyone thinks, thankfully for the sake of European peoples
    4 is what they want so badly, and they can have an effect. I would ask though, what other party leader in recent history has had their 'percentage chance' of winning an election that is four years away, bandied all over the media. Why can't we have any objective coverage of him. Globalism and corporate monopoly is progressive, neoliberals are progressive, but someone trying to tackle mass inqequality and social problems can't be. He's still there and strange things are happening...the EU could be gone by the next election. Then what? A new paradigm. Labour could split. Corbyn has stood strong and they may have to accept it eventually.

    People are standing strong in the face of this hectoring. People were rational in electorates, apparently, until that is, establishment, that is failing so badly, was punished and people vote for change- at which point they are not operating with healthy instincts and utilizing what should be our greatest gift (free thought and democracy) - they are children who have it wrong.
    What a bunch of creepy totalitarians we are witnessing, they clearly advocate group think and indoctrination and the crushing of dissent. Liberty and free thinking individuals might expose their incompetence or malevolence.
    To try and say that people rejecting a stifling, demoralizing, authoritarian consensus all over the west are just children suffering an emotional spasm is an unbelievably smug piece of condescension. It fails to comprehend what is so healthy about democracy, (and kicking out orthodoxies and oligarchies) - how it can guard our liberty and bolster individuals empowerment against the state.

    Here's a small example regarding Italy, where I think the coverage suggests a much more pro-EU Italy than what is happening.



    And finally. I wish remainers, if they think this is all to do with 'little Englanders' or 'Anti-Europeans' would listen to some people across Europe who value their cultures and are suffering from and loathe this organization.

    Like this man-


    Yes. Like all the claims project fear were making about brexit. Many of them have been admitted to being fabricated
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