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How long are long distance relationships ? watch

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    So i met a great girl in my early teens, we fell in "love" so to speak, at early a ges wed steal little kisses and spend hours talking into the night, a couple of years went by we never argued, wed still spend hours talking into the night (miraculously we never run out of things to talk to each other about) but the kisses we stole were becoming more impassioned, and then all of a sudden her parents moved and so she moved with them, wasnt a nice move either was a 6 hour flight from where i am move.

    We agreed we would do the long distance thing, we began the rapeage of the phone bills with long distance calls replacing our nightly "talks", but talking on the phone can never replace the real person, so in the first year i got a job and saved up some money so i could fly out and see her for a couple of weeks in summer, we had 2 really romantic weeks by the beach, snorkeling, diving, laughing, cuddling was a great 2 weeks reinforcing our relationship, but of course it had to end and i had to go home... back to the phone.

    The following 5 years has been made up of phone conversations and short 1 or 2 week visits a year either by her or me. For those 1 or 2 weeks it feels like the world stops moving just for us, we are so flush with emotions and empassioned that for those 2 weeks no1 or nothing else exists until we get to the airport to drop the visiting person off. But then thats 2 weeks out of 52 weeks a year, and i still have 50 weeks where im thinking "damn this is an expensive relationship and i hardly ever see her"

    Am i just wasting time ? should i be looking for a new relationship ? everyone says long distance relationships never work and its feeling really hard to keep the spirit for 50 weeks at a time, exactly how long are long distance relationships ? is there a finishing line ? or am i destined to repeat this loop forever ?

    It sounds like you guys really have something, if I've read right you guys have been together for seven years now and that's a long time for a couple that don't have the strain of long distance on them. I think what you need to do is see how realistic it is for you both to be living in the same town/area in the future. If you can't see that happening at all then maybe prolonging this relationship is no good for you but if you can see that light at the end of the tunnel somehow then it's worth it. Yes, it's a lot of money and effort and heartbreak but you're going through that for someone you're in love with, so it's surely worth it?? Have you ever spoken to her about this at all?? How much money it's costing, will the two of you ever actually be together etc??

    I couldn't embark on an LDR without knowing that at a definite point in the future it would be a "normal" relationship. I had an LDR for a year and a half but we were able to see each other most weekends (we laughed at the 300 miles - pah) but it as still difficult and is still better now we're living together

    Is there a finishing line? I'm afriad you have to make it yourself.
    Are you destined to repeat the loop forever? Unless you talk about the situation and put a plan in place then yes, potentially!
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