Telling my tutor and missing a presentation because of anxiety

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School is starting in 2 weeks and as always, we start with a presentation (given by the coordinators) with our class. However, this year, the presentation will be given to the whole grade (a little over 100 students in my year). We also have to hand in a draft for an assignment. However, I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and I find the first day back to school always very nerve-wrecking (as I guess most do), to the point where I get panic attacks. I used to always go to presentations, but lately attending presentations has been absolute horror, as being in a crowd and lots of noises are triggers for panic attacks for me. Because there will also be the added stress of the first day back to school, I am contemplating emailing my tutor (who will (also) be giving the presentation) about my struggles with anxiety and asking if there is a possibility for me to get the information another way and hand in the assignment digitally (or rather, see how I am doing that day and make a decision on whether or not I will go based on how anxious I am on the day itself) because I am so scared I am going to get a panic attack. If I were to do email her, I am also unsure if I should include the fact that I am struggling with depression. Although that has nothing to do with the presentation, last year it affected my academics a lot and I am afraid that it will do so next year too. I have been trying to find coping mechanisms to feel better and to manage doing the schoolwork, but the situation is still far from ideal and there are situations in which I am pretty much 'unable' to do the schoolwork, even if I want to because of dissociation etc.
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Definitely talk to your teacher. They will be able to help and point you in the direction of help. Don't struggle alone. If this is affecting your work as well your school definitely needs to know.

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