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Guide: How to watch encrypted Digital Terrestrial (TopUpTV/Setanta) on your PC watch

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    Phil.’s Guide to watching encrypted Digital Terrestrial channels on your PC

    ***Please note that this is not a way to receive these channels illegally***

    Shopping List:
    • DVB-T (Freeview) USB Stick or PCI card with BDA drivers
    • Card Reader (Phoenix interface/Smartmouse)*
    • Subscription card & current, valid subscription to TopUpTV/Setanta

    Required Software:

    The Card Reader

    • The card reader required must be compatible with PMCAM, which generally means a Phoenix interface/Smartmouse. There's a few available here

      The card reader I'm using looks like:

      and was bought second hand for a bargain £3.99 delivered.

    Installing the software
    • Download ProgDVB & PMCAM
    • Install your DVB-T card/stick as shown in the instructions that come with the card
    • Install ProgDVB
    • You should have a file named PMCAM_2.62.zip from when you downloaded PMCAM. Find the folder you installed ProgDVB to. Open this, and then go to the ‘Plugins’ folder. Extract the contents of PMCAM_2.62.zip to this folder.

    Configuring the software
    • In ProgDVB, go to the ‘Channel List’ menu, then select ‘Scan transponder’.
    • For each of the entries in the ‘Transponder’ list, select it, click ‘Lock’ and then ‘Scan’. You should then have a list of channels available, so click OK.
    • Open the ‘five’ folder and then select ‘Five’ to ensure that you can receive the channel range (mux) Setanta is broadcast on. If you get a picture here, you’re good to go for the next step.

    Setting up and activating your card reader & viewing card
    • Your card reader should have two cables; serial and USB. Plug both of these in to your PC as both are required (Serial for data, USB for power). There’s a few different model card readers so yours might come with a power adapter instead of a USB cable, but I’m sure you can work it all out
    • Once you’ve got your card reader plugged in, insert the viewing card. If you look inside the card slot you’ll see the contacts for the card; ensure the chip on the card is lined up with these.
    • Now, in ProgDVB, go to the Plugins menu and you should see ‘Poor Man’s CAM’ as a sub menu. Ensure it’s active (a tick icon next to ‘Active’) and then bring up the interface by clicking ‘Show CAM’. You’ll be greeted with a window that looks a bit like this:

      Tick the ‘Active filters’ and ‘Receive EMM data’ and then go to the Smart CARD tab. In this tab you should have a further tab labeled ‘Top Up TV’. Open this and tick both boxes under EMM handling. Now, in ProgDVB, open the Setanta channel (listed under ITV). Now comes the fun task of sitting back and waiting for the activation signal to come through. Mine took about 10 minutes; you’ll know it’s come through as you’ll receive a picture on Setanta. Once your card is activated, untick the two boxes, close and re-launch ProgDVB and you’re good to go

    Thanks go to Nick[D]VB in this thread for posting most of how to acheive the above; this is merely a point of reference with all the required information brought together in the same post to save you reading through many other threads.

    If you have any questions with the above or require any help in setting up the above I'll try and be as helpful as I can

    i just got a TV card today

    how much is the sub for TUTV and Setanta?

    Is Setanta actualyl showing any of the DECENT premeirhsip games next year?
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    £9.99pm with £10 one-off setup.

    Matches up until December are:


    Saturday 11: 5.15pm: Aston Villa v Liverpool (Setanta).
    Saturday 18: 5.15pm: Newcastle United v Aston Villa (Setanta).
    Saturday 25: 5.15pm: Everton v Blackburn Rovers (Setanta).
    Sunday 26: 1.30pm: Middlesbrough v Newcastle United (Setanta).


    Saturday 1: 5.15pm: Manchester United v Sunderland (Setanta).
    Saturday 15: 5.15pm: Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers (Setanta).
    Monday 17: 8pm: Derby County v Newcastle United (Setanta).
    Saturday 22: 5.15pm: Fulham v Manchester City (Setanta).
    Saturday 29: 5.15pm: Birmingham City v Manchester United (Setanta).

    Monday 1: 8pm: Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa (Setanta).
    Sunday 7: Noon: Arsenal v Sunderland (Setanta).
    Saturday 20: 5.15pm: Aston Villa v Manchester United (Setanta).
    Monday 22: 8pm: Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur (Setanta).
    Saturday 27: 5.15pm: Portsmouth v West Ham United (Setanta).

    Saturday 3: 5.15pm: Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool (Setanta).
    Monday 5: 8pm: Manchester City v Sunderland (Setanta).
    Saturday 10: 5.15pm: Liverpool v Fulham (Setanta).
    Monday 12: 8pm: Reading v Arsenal (Setanta).
    Saturday 24: 5.15pm: Derby County v Chelsea (Setanta).

    Along with Scottish fixtures etc.

    Probably worth getting this linked from the stickied how to thread.


    Is this techinque still valid before I Buy a smartmouse?

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    I can't be sure as they've changed their encryption methods since I last tried it (Got it on Sky Digital now). I don't think it does unless there's been a software update to PMCAM.
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