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What do you think of my dad? watch

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    My dad seperated from my mum for 3 years after a violent argument that led him to almost slit my mum's throat with a knife if i hadnt come and cry and yell at him to stop.

    he went back with his money (left none for me or my brother) so my mum cared for us single handedly. whilst he was back at his home country, he spent the money going out with friends and treating his nephew to loads of things (i know because during this time my mum and him continued ot talk through the phone)

    then in 2015 he felt that he ''needed to be with his sons again'' and so came back to us as a family, my mum also stupidly encouraged this because her fantasy of a full family won her over.


    it's been almost a year now since he's back, it's been ok, no more arguments, but my relationship with him will never be different, i can never have a long conversation with him. Though he says he wants to be with us it's like his mind is still with his other family (nephew and brother and parents), he talks to his nephew everyday, sends his nephew new clothes and phones, whenever i go on facebook, his nephew is showing off his new things bought by my dad who doesnt work yet so he's using my mum's money actually...i feel so distant from him yet he's living with me.

    though my mum encourages him to be back, she still have no problem talking about his flaws, about how he favours one family member over the other, ''if you cross him, he'll treat you like a stranger, thats why his other nieces and nephews get no treats like this one''
    I feel like im those ignored nieces and nephews. I don't need my dad's attention because i dont think my relationship with him will ever mend after that argument with my mum but i feel like ultimately, he's treating his nephew better than his own sons and that he really doesnt see us as his family.

    there isn't much you can do, it's your mum's decision to take him back... just stay out of his way and get out of the house as soon as possible... you can always talk to your mum about your feelings and try and find out why she took him back/encourage her not to keep him there but ultimately you can't change her mind

    Are you sure his nephew isn't his son?
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