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    When I left university last September there wasn't much going for me, I didn't know what to do so I decided to stay in my university town since I made friends there. This meant I had to rent a cheap room as before that I was in student halls where I met most of my friends at uni, most of them years below me. Thinking I might get a job there.

    Quickly I got bored as some friends moved away, freends were there didn't include me going out if there was a event on. It annoyed as before I was the one who prepared everything, sorted out flat parties and included everyone. Yet nobody was doing the same for me. A girl that I've known for 2 years was one of my best friends, I met her at a party I was hosting, she would always come to for advice. She was very shy and socailly awkward at first and I helped her get settled in. I was tired of her attitude towards me. She would ask to come out, we go out to club and would ditch me without telling where shes going, I would text saying where are you? and she be like oh we're at home..like thanks for telling, me wondering around the club on my own thinking shes still there. When I with her and others I know they would just stand in a club and do nothing, it got so boring. When I have left early she doesn't even notice so I didn't seem the point.

    So in the end I blocked all ways of her contacting me.because it was bugging me so much . I decided to pack up and leave the town for good and go back to my hometown. By the new year I applied for a job abroad that I'm currently doing now and loving it until next new year, met loads of new intresting people and quickly forgot about what has happened. Really what I should of done is left my uni town straight away but I never thought I'd be doing this.

    Through the new friends I met I am going to some of their home countries then planning on going to explore on my own to a few different countries, some of which I will have rare opputunities in. I've mentioned it on my facebook and a few of my old uni friends I am still in contact with see it but only because I have as my facebook friends, not talking same way we use to, so the information gets back to the friend I blocked.

    I do think about unblocking her though as I hear she wants to see what i'm doing but I feel its more of a stalker look what i'm doing rather than actaully caring and intrested what i'm doing. I think its only because I moved on so much that has noticed otherwise i don't think she would cared. Its going be ages until I arrive back in the UK, I don't want to get talked into seeing her then ditching me again or doing or ignore me again. As i'm really over it and don't know if I still trust her.

    What do think I should do? Is worth getting back in touch with her or should I just continue ignoring her and carry on with my own life?

    it's gone. forget it. she caused you so much hassle in the first place.

    who cares... you aren't going to be friends again so just get on with your life, block her or unblock her it really doesn't matter
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