broke my tom tom Watch

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ok so earlier i installed some updates and speed camera alerts. now when i turn it on it just says please wait. its been there for about 40 minutes now.
ive tried soft resetting and restoring previous back ups and now im out of ideas.
damn tech support is only open 8.00-18.30 and i need it first thing tomorrow

anyone got any new ideas? its a tom tom one if that makes a difference
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Thank you for contacting TomTom Customer Support.

I forgot to confirm whether you have a TomTom ONE new version or classic. In step 8 you have two links, use the one for the proper device (v2 for new one with silver front panel, v1 for one classic, with black panel)

Please do the following steps:

1. Reset the TomTom device with a paper clip, BUT do not turn it back on yet.
see the following link on how to do it:
2. Connect the TomTom device to the computer using the USB cable
3. Now turn on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button for at least 3 seconds
4. Go to "My Computer" and browse to TomTom device which should be listed under ''removable drives''
5. You will see files and folders
6. Make a complete BACKUP of all files and folders before deleting anything! (copy all the files and folders from your "my computer"->tomtom device to your computer)
7. Delete all the files from SD card which are NOT in any of the folders
8. From this link:
ONE v1:
ONE v2:[1].650.7390.exe
download and install an older version of the application for device again without using TomTom HOME.
9. Disconnect the device from the computer and see if it now gets passed the start up screen.

With best regards,

The TomTom Customer Support Team[1].650.7390.exe
Worth a try?
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you legend. i think i love you :love: :p: heh

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