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Hi guys. I am going to hull in september to study BSC geography, but upon reflection believe that there are also many aspects of human geography that interest me. For example, the reason I chose the BSC originally was because I was interested in the biodiversity, conservation and environmenal sustainability. I have very limited interest in how things are actually formed. However, urban regeneration and geopolitics also interest me, as well as the effects of the environment on people. I did more humanity and social science subjects for my A levels, and in the future wouod either like to go into conservation and environmental management or working for a company that focuses on global crisis' and how they can be solved, or also teaching. I know that the to sides can be combined to some extent, but I don't know if it is possible to combine my own particular interests.

I know that no one can give me a definite answer, but based on this can anyone give me any advice as to whether a BSC or BA geography course is better for me

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The BA and BSc Geography degrees at Hull seem to have quite a lot of overlap so I don't think you should worry. See how it goes, they will almost certainly let you transfer into the BA degree after your first year if you decide physical geography isn’t for you. You can see a list of modules here: https://www.courses.hull.ac.uk/cgi-bin/switch-GEN1.pl?acdmc_sssn_cd=16%2F17&crse_sub_type_cd=POS&keyword=geography&crse_cd=&location=ALL&ou_cd=ALL&submit=Search

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