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    I'll try to describe what happened the best I can and hopefully someone can help me recover my files if it's even possible.
    I turned on my laptop as I always do but when I logged in for some reason (kill me if I know which) the desktop had only some of my installed programs and none of the documents (folders, text, music etc) that I usually have. The programs pinned to the taskbar also weren't mine but default Toshiba ones. When I tried to run Chrome it has none of my bookmarks. So I worried that my personal documents were gone for whatever reason and I looked up my most important folder in search and it was there. The path said it should be on desktop where it usually was but it wasn't so for the time being I cut it and pasted it on the desktop.
    Anyway I decided to try and restart the system. This time when I logged in everything looked normal (taskbar and chrome) and I had all my files except the ones in that most important folder which was just missing and not there. This folder took about half of my hard drive and I checked and that half is now free and I have way more space than I should.
    I tried to restore from a system restore point and it brought back the folder on desktop and a very small chunk of the subfolders, but none of the actual music/video/pdf files and the hard drive is still empty.
    Are my files gone forever? I tried recuva and it couldn't detect them? Anyone have any idea what could've happened? Any help is much appreciated.
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    Have you tried accessing the drive through another computer? See what happens when you browse for the files?

    Have you checked obvious places like the recycle bin, recent files in applications that support it and so on?

    Do you actually cut and paste the files? Or did you may a shortcut on your desktop?

    If you've used a system restore point it becomes a little more difficult to recover them. Because at this point you've actually reverted your computer to an earlier point. Remnants of the files may or may not be there.

    Could you have possibly logged into a guest account or something by accident? Hence why everything was defaulted? That may explain the first issue.

    If the file space is not marked as used then the obvious explanation is somewhere along the line it got deleted. So using file recovery software should help (even if you recover parts of the files). If you've performed a system restore point recovery then they may have been overwritten by the recovery.

    Try other recovery software to see if you can recover anything. If not you may have to accept that you aren't getting anything back without more professional help and software. Which is probably worth more than your files. Also check your laptop for faults (hardware and software), viruses, and so on.
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    Yeah, thanks for the reply. I later accessed the guest account and it did really look defaulted the same way it did before but the weird thing is that the guest account had been disabled so I have no clue why it logged into that. No file on guest and hard drive is still mostly empty. This has to mean they're gone right?
    I did do a thorough deep scan with recuva and managed to recover some of them but at least half of them are unrecoverable or in very poor condition. Oh well...
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