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I'm going through a bit of a crisis trying to decide whether or not to apply to Glasgow to study Law (LLB). I'm currently about to start a gap year and already have a place for law at Strathclyde. I didn't apply to Glasgow in my original UCAS application (the LNAT really put me off, and I didn't meet the S5 entry requirements), but I've regretted it ever since.

A bit of background - In S4 I achieved 8 straight As, which I'll admit made me over-confident in S5. For my Highers I was completely gutted. I got AAACD in English, History, Computing Science, Biology and Maths respectively. I originally wasn't going to apply at all until after my S6 results, but my school encouraged me and in the end I gave it a shot. Last year I applied for 2017 entry to Aberdeen, Caledonian, Dundee, Edinburgh and Strathclyde. I received conditional offers (ranging from a B at any Higher to AA at Higher or A at Adv Higher) from 4 of them, and was unsurprisingly rejected from Edinburgh. During this time I also applied to and secured a place on a Law school graduate programme, designed to give gap year students experience in a major law firm, so I'll be doing relevant work experience over the course of the next academic year.
This month I received my S6 results - AAAB for AH History, H French, H Business and H Maths (resit) respectively. I would really like to apply to Glasgow as I attended the open day last year and it's by far my first choice. I'm just worried that they'll flat out reject me as I don't meet their minimum S5 requirements - will they just overlook my S6 grades? I'll also have to give up my place at Strathclyde (I'll reapply to them too but nothing's guaranteed).

After doing some research on Which Uni (I have no idea how reliable it is) I noticed that 64% of law applicants to Glasgow are made offers, which to me seems quite high for a competitive course at a good uni.

Can anyone else comment on this? I would just like to hear someone else's opinion. What are my chances?

*Please be harsh/realistic*

Thanks for reading the spiel!

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