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    Hi i hope your well. I actually failed all my AS ;levels with grade U's?!
    i don't know how?? i don't know what to do. i was such a hard working student. My family are so subject and angry with me. Im so stressed out.
    My dad sat me down and told me that these grades don't matter and not to be put down by this. He said they don't count towards anything. He has told me to give A levels another shot but im not sure if i should because of these grades as they've put me down.

    I have two choices;
    1) Go back to my sixthform on thursday and ask them if they'll let me resit my first year again

    2) Go back to sixthform on thursday and enroll onto BTEC IT
    i really want to go uni next year. i dont want to be with students who are younger than me. I can either do the 12 units of ict or i can do the 18 units of ict. I'll also have to complete all the units up to a D*D*D. Most students take " years to do 18 units but im sure ill be able to do it in a year if i put my head down.
    i really want to do it all in a year and go to uni. Do you think my sixthform will allow that?

    I dont know what to do. I'd really apreciate any help i could get..
    Thank You

    I know this advice doesn't exactly help you right now but I'd say the best thing to do is speak to someone from your sixth form about it; they're the best people to help you make a decision on what will work best for you. Try not to worry about things too much, you can't change those grades but what you can do is move on and potentially (if thats what you choose) find another pathway to where you want to be. Good luck with figuring things out


    I was in your position last year and got E E E...
    I re sat my year 12 again (HIGHLY REQUEST YOU DO TO THE SAME) And came out with C C C.. which I am pretty proud of!

    Like you, I worried about how it would be working with the year below
    At first it was kinda awkward, but within time, You get used to it, trust me.
    I also didn't worry about friends and all that, because I was doing this all for myself.
    on the plus side, I had my friends in the same building as me, but they were just in year 13, whereas I resat.
    Don't worry about friends, you only need one or two which you'll make anyways.

    I say re sit the year again and work harder!

    All the best, PM me if needed

    I would resit the year, it will be much better for you, if you didn't resit the year you would definitely regret it!

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