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DESPERATE help needed watch

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    I'm stuck in the worst situation possible. When I finished my GCSE's I had reasonable results (3 A's and 9 or 10 A*-C or something) and then I chose a reasonable school. I had better options, but I was incredibly dumb and sacrificed opportunities to stay with most of my friends. Bad decision. (If you're in secondary and reading this, don't make your friends a consideration- at all.)

    I coasted in my sixth form. I never outperformed. I put priorities in the wrong places. I had a **** routine.

    I didn't fail sixth form, but I failed relatively. In a relative sense, I failed massively. I applied for the University of Reading among others for economics, and I was glad to see they accepted me. I made them my first choice. I was predicted an AAB.

    But I didn't achieve. I knew I didn't. My parents put so much into me and I failed them as well. I went onto Track on the morning of the 18th and was totally distraught to see that Reading has not accepted me. I went to college to pick up my results. I did not even open them until I went home as I was simply too depressed.

    When I opened my results around 10am the inevitable happened - I underachieved. By a very wide margin, and unfortunately that reflected the lack of work in the past year.

    I got BCD. That's 240 points. That's not enough to get into a good university where I will have prospects in life. That's not enough to get a good apprenticeship in the finance/accounting industry which is what I was aiming for such as KPMG or Deloitte. Apprenticeships don't even open at this season.

    240 UCAS points ... That's manual unskilled work for life. Just for a few majir mistakes in a single crucial year.

    But I am determined to fix that, the problem is I have nor resources or placements to give me that opportunity.

    I was pondering several get-out prospects. A deferred year to retake and look for apprenticeships as a backup... But I'm not able to get a deferred year, and with my results I have little chances on next year's UCAS anyway.

    Ideally my life saver would be University of Portsmouth. I want to study economics, and they have a good record, a close location and ideal facilities (f.e Bloomberg Suites) ... But they're fully subscribed courses, and my grades won't get me q place anyway.

    I thought of one idea that would allow me to transform my life to correct those wrongs and show I am worth more than 240 UCAS points. It would be to stay in Sixth Form for another year, retake my exams and apply for UCAS 2017 entry. But I don't mean another shot with no changes just to see if I can be better. I CAN be better, and I mean putting priorities inthe right places and making the most of educational resources.

    Is a third year recommended in my awful position, and would universities such as Reading look down on me if I was a three-year student? Even if I manage to correct those mistakes?
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    I also have another issue and I'm not sure if it applies to me. There seems to be a 'cap' on A level retakes. Does this include AS- level?
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    (Original post by Southeastern1)
    I also have another issue and I'm not sure if it applies to me. There seems to be a 'cap' on A level retakes. Does this include AS- level?
    If you don;t fancy any of your 'non-degree' options, ie get a job or find an apprenticeship, then you have to resit. If resitting means that some universities and employers won't look at you or will set higher offers, then so be it, nothing you can do, you screwed up and will take 3 years to get A levels. Not everyone will take a dim view and you will still have options.

    The trick is to find out the facts, not listen to rumour, cliche and assumption, and then plan the best route for you, even if it is no longer the 'ideal' route you were looking at.

    What I would advise is that it is usually better, in the long term, to take an extra year now and get into a better quality university/degree programme, than feel you need to rush now and pick anything available in Clearing. As you've already noticed 'sticking with your mates' is rarely a sensible strategy for advancing a career.
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    And I'm absolutely prepared to transform myself and my grades, my one and only issue is that I think Ofqual bans more than one resit, which means I cannot retake AS levels that were crucial in my failure. Is this one resit cap true and does it apply to AS?

    My school signs everybody up for resits unless they got A's because it 'can only be better and not worse' .... Its a factory, and I was never told that I am capped to one resit.

    FFS, its only a shame I didn't take this attitude at the beginning of last year instead.

    Any other help? Is the resit cap a thing?
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