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Why am I slower? watch

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    Back in year 3 through to year 7 I was the fastest sprinter in my school, but soon after I became slower and people were beating me in races. Right now im still lean, but slower and not as fast as I used to be. Why is this??

    If I do some training can I become faster?

    Comparison of performance in sport is a tough thing to explain in children and teenagers. In adults it's fairly simple - those that train hardest and smartest get the best results. Those that have bags of talent and still graft to within an inch of their lives make the Olympic team.

    However with young athletes it's more complicated. Natural talent is far more of a factor. Bodies change at differing rates. They also have completely varied training amongst themselves as coaches aren't at a consensus on how to develop youngsters. It's perfectly plausible that among three athletes the same age having started the same training at the same time, one will reach national standard quickly and the other two sit it out at county level.

    I say the above as a distance runner having started in my teens (I'm now mid 20s). I'd imagine as a sprinter there are even more dimensions because of the conditioning work you need to do as well as running. But I'd generally advise that yes, if you want to improve, start training.

    When you say 'slower' do you mean you're actually slower (I assume not) or just slower relative to your classmates?

    People develop at different speeds so you may find you catch up to some extent naturally. Perhaps the people who are beating you are training for it, or are playing other sports that are improving their sprint. You may not get back to where you were naturally, if your body develops differently.

    Ultimately sprinting depends a lot on muscle rather than being lean. Have you tried running middle distance, you may find you're more naturally suited to that.

    Of course if you train for sprinting you will become far faster than you are now, it depends whether you want to put the effort in or not. I'm sure sprinters on here can help you out, or look for your local athletics club.
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