Artificial Intelligence and 3D Animation

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Hello everyone!
I'm trying to find a master degree for my next year and I hope you could give me good advices, cause I'm italian and I really don't know where to look when it comes to studying abroad.
Hope my english is good enought to be undestandable, I'm trying to improve it!
I have two bachelor degrees: one in Industrial Design and one in Computer science, and I'm searching for a master degree abroad to make good use of both my artistic and scientific competences.
If I could choose a field I'd love to work in the 3D Modeling/Animation field (read Pixar and Dreamworks here, I like to dream) cause I discovered the modeling in my design course and I loved it so much I decided to not go for a specialization in industrial design but to learn modeling for my own (in Italy all schools for animation and modeling are too much expensive) and now I'm learning character modeling.
On the other hand if i should choose a specialization in computer science I'd go for Artificial Intelligence.
So, these are my questions:
1. Do you know of some master degrees that could help me to use both of my passions? I've read of the Msc in Animation and Digital effects at Bournemouth unviersity, do you know if it's good? Or do you have other suggestions?
2. I've read that artificial intelligence can be used in many fields of computer animation and games, so studying it could be a good choice for me. I've taken a look at the Msc in Artificial Intelligence at the Unviersity of Edinburgh, is it good? Are there better universities in this field? Suggestions?
Hope you could give me some advice, it's so difficult to look for information only on the internet

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