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OCR AS/A2 Biology - New Spec Resources Thread

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    New spec - AS Level GCE Biology A H020:

    A Level Transition Guide:

    AS/A Level Exemplar Candidate Work:

    Useful Websites:

    ~ Technocrat Notes -
    ~ Biotutor -
    ~ mrsmillersblog -
    ~ Physics and Maths Tutor -
    ~ Biologymad -
    ~ vbio -
    ~ M Rothery -
    ~ Biologyguide -
    ~ S-cool -
    ~ Biology - Innovation -
    ~ Sciencemathsmaster - ~brilliant biology student - http://brilliantbiologystudent.weebly.c om
    ~ mybiochem -
    ~ Ivyroses -
    ~ Physicsmadeeasy -
    ~ Getrevising (TSR) -

    YouTube Channels:

    ~ myALevelBiology
    ~ MrBioTom1
    ~ Ryansecondaryscience
    ~ Technocrat notes playlist for OCR -
    ~ kingstauntonbiology
    ~ Jack A-Level TTC
    ~ A-Level Science Revision
    ~ Beverly Biology
    ~ Alevel videos
    ~ Crashcourse
    ~ Revisify - A Level Biology Revision

    Revision Methods:

    ~ Revision notes
    ~ Flashcards
    ~ Posters
    ~ Flipbooks
    ~ Mindmaps
    ~ Teach it!
    ~ Pomodoro technique (google it!)
    ~ Leitner system


    ~ A Level Biology: Essential Maths Skills -

    Memory techniques:


    Practicals guidance:


    ~ Gojimo (great app!!)
    ~ Cell World (only available on Android devices)
    ~ Revision World
    ~ Show me (video tutorials)
    ~ Slideshare (revision slides, practicals)
    ~ Scribd (revision notes, practical notes)
    ~ pp&hl=en_GB
    ~ A level Biology app (available for android devices)


    ~ New Scientist
    ~ Biological Sciences Review -
    ~ TED talks - Biology
    ~ Nature
    ~ The Lancet
    ~ Bionet
    ~ Wellcome Collection -

    Textbooks/Revision guides/Student guides:

    ~ OCR A Yr 1 & 2 CGP:
    ~ OCR Biology A Student Guide 1: Foundations in Biology -
    ~ OCR Biology A Student Guide 2: Exchange and Transport, Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease -
    ~ OCR Biology A Student Guide 3: Communication, Homeostasis and Energy -
    ~ OCR Biology A Student Guide 4: Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems -

    Study music:

    ~ Yiruma playlist -
    ~ Intense studying Spotify playlist -
    ~ 3 hr Zen music -

    Motivation to study:

    ~ The Organised Student Tumblr:
    ~ Study quotes on Tumblr:

    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    You can also find the Exam Thread list for A-levels here and GCSE here. :dumbells:

    Just quoting in Fox Corner so she can move the thread if needed
    (Original post by Fox Corner)

    Thank you, this is really helpful!

    Great thread! Just going to move this to the Biology forum

    Hey guys,

    So I did my bio A Level before new spec. I got an A. I slacked in the final unit but if I didn't probably would have got A*. But i can't recommend enough some of the revision techniques and resources I used. I hope these help you. Let me know if you end up doing these/do them already:

    -Don't rely on the official OCR textbook whatever you do! I mean it's fine for that basic level of knowledge. The contents page is useful I guess. And its useful to check you've covered the specification. Aside from that don't expect it to give you everything you need in terms of content and understanding. What you really need to do is dig out some other useful resources such as other A Level textbooks from the library and then cover the same topics in these. And use websites such as s-cool. (has really good clear notes and diagrams) But what i found reaallly good was these notes from 'gapteaching'. I don't know if you've heard of it, but theres a tonne of notes on there and the notes are so detailed and comprehensive. i think you need to buy them but they really aren't expensive, atleast for the wealth of info i got from them. I think it prob covers everything you need for bio.
    -Make sure you make your OWN revision notes using all the resource above. Don't just rely on reading them expecting the info to melt into your subconscious!! You'll end up with a really good comprehensive set of notes if you use atleast 3 good resources.
    -Start your revision early! Bio is veryyy dense in info. You honestly can't expect to cram and get great grades. Small and consistent throughout the year from the beginning is the solution and then obs more intense revision as exam gets closer.

    hope this helps. Any questions, feel free to ask

    Honestly, thank you so much for this its amazing. Helped me so so so much.
    I was wondering, do you do chemistry as notes like this for chemistry too would be lifesaving.

    Anyone done their prepublic exam?

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