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Dissertation Help - Any Knowledge would be appreciated - The Developmen of Computerised Accounting Information Systems and Telecommunications and Security Risks

Hello, I am writing my dissertation (15000 words) for my Masters, however i am struggling to write it, any insights or knowledge or opinion would be greatly appreciated.

I want to write my dissertation on Computerized Accounting Information Systems and Telecommunications (The internet to use as a tool to store and transfer data). The basic outline of my dissertation would be in three sections. First looking at the benefits brought of the development of Computerized Accounting Information and telecommunications (For example increased speed, accuracy etc). The second would be looking at the increased risks of utilizing such systems (For example, fire, theft, viruses, hacking etc). The last section will look at ways for businesses to implement procedures etc to stop or mitigate the security concerns. (For example, Back up servers, passwords, tight internal control etc).

As a general dissertation question do you think this is acceptable. I am worried since the dissertation technically doesn't add new information to the academic profession however just summaries existing research into one.

Do all dissertations have to involve a literature review. Will i need to include one and what would i write about in my literature review, as it seems to be like this would be covered throughout the essay.

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